Benefits of practicing Aerial Yoga

Already in the article Aeroyoga feel weightlessness strengthens your body ( ) we briefly explained what the practice of Aeroyoga consisted of. Today we are going to the wonderful island of Lanzarote to discover all its benefits at the Espacio Airearte center. Join us!

Benefits of AeroYoga

If you are thinking of getting started in this modality that combines Yoga with acrobatic movements and Pilates, keep reading because we will tell you about its benefits. First of all, indicate that it is not necessary to be an expert to practice this modality. In addition, specialized centers such as Espacio Airearte adapt to your rhythm. Fight stress! It helps you lower the level of stress and anxiety, favoring concentration and body-mind balance. Keeping the legs in an elevated position contributes to better lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce cellulite and improve circulation. The acrobatic and balance exercises tone your muscles without forcing postures, keeping your abs active. Improve the posture and mobility of your back. Relieve your pains! Burn calories! a 50-minute activity can burn up to 350 kcal or more. It helps us to know ourselves better, to maintain full control of our body and to know our limitations. And having said that, if you are lucky enough to live in Lanzarote we encourage you to visit the Espacio Airearte center, you will see how good you will feel after just one class! Thanks for the pictures @meli_rm @espacioairearte Remember... Tag us in your photos and be part of our #BeatFitLovers community! See you in the next post. INHALE ***** EXHALE **** FLOW