How to avoid chafing when running

Do you know what is one of the biggest concerns for runners , in addition to the dreaded injuries?: chafing or blisters. Virtually no runner is exempt from these skin irritations. Although they are not serious, this type of skin alteration is very painful and annoying. Chafing can even prevent the athlete from carrying out his activity normally. If they also occur frequently in your case, don't worry! In today's article How to avoid chafing when running , we will see how to treat them and the main tricks to avoid their appearance.

What are chafing and why are they generated?

They consist of irritations that are generated in a certain area by friction with some material or article of clothing. They usually appear on the feet, neck, armpits or on the inside of the legs.

Tricks to avoid its appearance

There are some tricks that will help us avoid the appearance of these annoying blisters and chafing:

Use technical clothing

Sometimes, we go for a run with the first jersey we have on hand. This is a serious error. Always choose technical and specific garments that are breathable to help sweat escape. Synthetic compounds are usually the most demanded and are a better option than cotton, since the latter retains moisture. The lycra largely prevents the appearance of chafing. Make sure that the seams are flat or protected. We do not recommend the use of excessively baggy garments. Our sets are perfect for completing your running workouts without any discomfort. Both the tops and the leggings are made of ultra-breathable fabrics. In addition, they give great freedom of movement. Choose the right shoes and socks To choose a pair of shoes, it is recommended to choose one size larger than our usual footwear. The key is that the thumb does not reach the toe of the shoe. This will avoid nail problems and will also prevent the appearance of blisters and chafing. The socks must be specific for running. Never wear new clothes in a competition Although you may be tempted to try out that new outfit you bought, don't even think about doing it in a competition! Keep in mind that the materials of the garments are adapting to your body and you still don't know if they will cause any reaction or irritation. put on vaseline One of the most famous tricks to avoid chafing is to put Vaseline on sensitive areas.

How to treat chafing?

In the event that chafing or blisters have already made an appearance on your skin, we give you some tips on how to treat them:
  • If its size is large and it is annoying, the liquid must be drained. To do this, disinfect the area, and prick the blister with a fine needle to remove the liquid.
  • If it is small, it is enough to keep the area clean and apply an antiseptic.
Of course, if you notice that it is a frequent problem, we recommend you go to the podiatrist to advise you correctly. And you, have you also suffered from blisters and chafing after running?