The best Women's Crossfit Clothing: comfortable and technical

CrossFit: Said of a system of strength training based on varied functional exercises performed at a high intensity. After reading this on the internet you can stay the same as you were, but basically it consists of doing an intense training with different exercises that combine all aspects of the sport in a single practice: resistance, cardio, strength, flexibility, speed, balance... These days it is common for us to pass stories and more stories of people training at home. To do CrossFit it is necessary to be in a certain physical shape – not surprisingly, in many gyms they first carry out a test to see if you are fit to enter CrossFit training-. For this reason, we do not recommend it to those who had never tried it before the quarantine. It is better to learn this system guided by professionals. However, if it was an exercise that you already practiced before, now it will have driven you crazy with the thousand possibilities offered by training at home, right? Filling a backpack with weight for strength exercises, clearing the room to do burpees, some rubber bands that you can hook to the door or even jumping on a stool. If you also have other elements such as Kettlebells or TRX straps, you are a professional! But... have you stopped to think about the importance of clothing when training? We have talked on other occasions about the importance of getting your sportswear right . In CrossFit it is important to wear comfortable and technical clothing that helps avoid injuries and resist the intensity of the exercise , for this reason, Beatfit technology is perfect, we will tell you why!
  • Breathability: Its technology transports moisture, creating breathable and quick-drying garments to keep you fresh at all times. In addition, it is antibacterial, eliminating the problem of bad smell during practice.
  • Support: Its non-slip waist prevents your tights from falling down when doing any type of exercise and always stays in place.
  • Design: in the case of the tops, they do not have transparencies, to feel more free in the movements. Likewise, they have an inner lining that guarantees greater support.
  • Seams: Sealed and flat that prevent chafing while providing greater resistance. In this way they provide a longer duration in perfect condition even in high intensity exercises.
  • Comfort: Fabrics with a good elongation that provide freedom of movement making the practice much more comfortable.

The best CLOTHING for CROSSFIT: comfortable and technical

Now that you know why Beatfit tights are ideal for practicing sports, which ones to choose for CrossFit? The ideal would be short leggings that allow even greater mobility in all exercises, the shorter the better! We understand that in times of less heat it is not what you want the most, in that case, choosing quality leggings, there is no problem that they are long, but it is always important that the CrossFit garments are as tight to the body as possible so as not to alter the exercise or interfere with the elements that are used – bar, rope…- . Also in recent years short leggings accompanied by half-calf socks have become fashionable, even becoming a fashion trend and going out with it after training. In addition, we must pay attention to the tops, choosing one that provides us with a comfortable and delicate support with the skin without forgetting that firmness and fit that we mentioned before, so that the chest does not interfere in the practice of the exercise and also stays in place. your site . We have the best technology you already know and even UV+30 filters to exercise outdoors! Check out the top quality OLIMPIA top and a design that can be combined with any style. One last piece of advice? Also apply these maxims to your hair. The ideal is to make some braids so that the hair is attached to the head, without excessively ruffling your hair and without posing a problem for practice. Plus they feel great! For all this, bet on Beatfit garments and enjoy boxing at home!