5 yoga books to learn to practice it

At Beatfit we love to play sports, you know that, and all kinds of sports! But do you know what one of our favorite sports practices is? The Yoga! For this reason, in this article and to celebrate World Book Day, we leave you 5 yoga books so that you can get started in this world.

5 books to learn to do yoga

  1. My yoga diary: Healthy mind and body in 4 weeks with Xuan-Lan: In this book, Xuan-Lan defines the basic concepts of yoga to achieve balance between mind and body. In addition, it proposes a 28-day plan with daily yoga exercises, through an easy and practical method to move the body to the rhythm of breathing. Undoubtedly the perfect book for:

- Introduce yoga in your day to day. - Feel good with yourself. - Develop a strong and healthy body. - Be in harmony with your environment.

  1. Yoga, a lifestyle: 5 steps for the complete well-being of Vanesa Lorenzo: In this book, Vanesa explains the benefits of yoga on a day-to-day basis and how this practice will allow you to face physical challenges by exercising new postures that will give you mental balance and physical strength. A motivating and highly instructive book that we recommend without a doubt.
  2. Susan Hollister's 100 Best Yoga Poses: Relieve stress, increase your flexibility and strength. These are the objectives that Susan pursues with her book and she does so by proposing different yoga postures and asanas as well as the techniques to perfect them. Without a doubt, a highly recommended book to start in yoga asanas ;)
  3. Yoga for Beginners: Initiation to Yoga at Home by Mike Kion: Perfect for an initiation at home. In this book Mike introduces yoga to the most beginners in a gentle way but with the aim of relieving pain and preventing injuries, reducing stress and being happier, increasing flexibility, gaining strength, improving breathing and... Much more!
  4. Yoga For Beginners by Merylin Krimba: This is a very special book as it is a guide to conscious meditation, the Sattvic diet and postures focused on weight loss. Also, like all yoga books, it also pursues stress reduction and personal well-being. Sounds good right?
And you? Do you recommend any other yoga books? books to learn yoga beatfit Photo: Tara Psychology & Yoga