3 Virtual Gym accounts to train online

Today there are no excuses for not doing a little exercise during the day, and it is that even social networks often make it easier for us, with quick routines to do at home or even video-led classes with which to motivate you. One of the places on the internet where we find the most motivation of this type is on YouTube, with complete training routines, almost personalized classes, easy exercises to do at home, techniques to improve your movements, etc. An offer as varied as practical in our day to day. For this reason, today on the blog we want to bring you 3 of our favorite virtual gym accounts with which to stay in shape and even improve our diet.

3 of our favorite virtual gym accounts


Her name is Cassey Ho, and from the United States she brings us a wide variety of exercises that combine Pilates with high-intensity exercises by stations. But it's not the only thing that this youtuber shows us on her channel, since she also imitates and tests the exercise routines of celebrities, and teaches us how to improve our diet. One of the most complete channels.


Apart from showing us her day-to-day life on Instagram ( @vikikacosta ), this Spaniard has a complementary blog and YouTube channel, where she teaches us her routines, her daily life, and best of all, countless Fit and very easy recipes that teach us that it is possible to eat well even if we don't have much time, and even if cooking has never been our thing. Most useful on Youtube!

Virtual Gym

Patry Jordán is the influencer behind this YouTube channel, with cardio routines and complete exercises to tone the body. In addition, Patry has other beauty channels and where she recounts her day-to-day life and does exercise routines on her blog that you can download. What do you think of our suggestions? If you are one of those who prefer to use a fitness app for your workouts, we recommend several in this other post The 4 best Fitness apps for training Remember to always go equipped with comfortable, breathable and elastic sportswear that helps you in all your movements and exercises.