Interview: Alicia #MujeresrealesBEATFIT

Yeah! We have a new section on the blog, and we couldn't be happier, because it is our 'more real' section...

What is this new section about?

Real Women is a space created for all women who have in common to lead a healthy lifestyle . Working women, students, mothers... women like you who seek to steal time from time to escape and disconnect by practicing any activity.


We open the section with Alicia, mother of two daughters, worker and housewife who has found in Yoga an escape route from all her busy daily life.
“I have only been practicing Yoga for 1 year, since I tried it I was hooked”
She works in the hospitality sector. Anyone who works or has worked in this type of job knows the physical and sometimes emotional drain on you. Once her day is over, her most important and satisfying task arrives: Being a Mother!
“Yoga makes my body stretch, so I don't get rusty. It relieves my back pain"
alicia_leggin_brox Between work, school, private classes, home and supermarket Alicia set a goal. Practice 3 times a week 1 hour of Yoga. As she herself says, “it is the moment I have for myself, to disconnect, relax, focus on my mind and my body. At first it was difficult for me, but once I saw how my back pain was diminishing and my body was stretching more and more, I was motivated myself. Now I can do pro poses, even though I'm not flexible enough yet!” This incredible woman has set two new goals: to practice Mindfulness and to be a real runner! Cheers Alice! You will tell us about your first steps as a runner girl. Are you a warrior woman who loves healthy and active lifestyle? Tell us what you do and be part of our Real Women! You can also tag us at @beatfitsport or with our hashtag #beatfitlovers