THE POWER OF VEGETABLES: Properties and Season


A few weeks ago we told you in another post the properties of the fruit and the season in which we could find them. Well, now it's the turn of the vegetables. Fresh produce from the garden is an essential part of the Mediterranean Diet and explains a good part of its beneficial effects on health. All nutrition experts recommend that you eat as many vegetables as possible. There is not limit! so... let's see the properties of the most common in our kitchen.
  • Carrot : Antidegenerative, combines perfectly with fruits and vegetables. Its season is practically all year round.
  • Cucumber : It is rich in silicon, which benefits the skin, hair and tissues in general. The alkaloid iestina improves mental agility. The summer ones are the best!
  • Spinach : Very rich in folic acid, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and nervous system malformation in newborns. Its season is autumn and winter.
  • Lettuce : It has a high water and fiber content. Helps eliminate toxins, provides calcium and folic acid. It has a mild calming effect. Its best time is spring, although it can be found all year round.
  • Celery : It is recommended as a diuretic and in the treatment of kidney stones and hypertension. Regulates menstruation and improves fluid retention. Its season is winter and spring.
How many fresh vegetables do you consume throughout the day? The ideal would be more than 3 servings a day. Stay tuned to our blog that we will give you recipes for juices and smoothies that will help you increase your portions. See you in the next post!