The best exercises with elastic bands

If you want to increase your strength without leaving home, one of the best options is to train with elastic bands. It is a comfortable and versatile material with which we can strengthen all muscles. Thanks to these bands you can tone the core, the upper body and the lower body. In addition, it is possible to vary the intensity according to our needs and level. Next, we propose a list of the best exercises with elastic bands . Don't forget to take note! What types of rubber bands are there? Currently, we can choose between several types of bands :
  • The traditional ones are those that have a kind of plastic handle at each end and have a tubular shape.
  • Also, there are flat bands with open shapes.
On the other hand, the color indicates the level of resistance . Normally, the yellow is usually the softest. This is followed by red, green and, finally, blue. Some manufacturers vary the colors, so you should get advice on the resistance of your elastic bands. 5 exercises with elastic bands We suggest the following exercises for you to work your entire body with resistance bands : Press with resistance band Pass one end of the elastic band through the bar of a trellis. Lie on your back and grab both ends of the rubber or the grips with each of your hands. Put the right leg slightly forward with the knee slightly bent. Place your arms close to your chest and stretch them forward, maintaining a 90º angle with your shoulder. Banded Triceps Stand up. Step forward with one leg and step on the band with the heel of the foot that is behind. Grab both ends of the band with each hand, placing them behind the head. Push your arms up. elastic band squat To increase the benefits of the squat we will add this material. Put your legs shoulder-width apart with your feet slightly facing out. Step on the middle of the band with both feet and grasp both ends with your hands. Bend your elbows and place your hands next to your shoulders. Perform a basic squat. Lunge or stride Bring one leg forward and get into a lunge position. You will perform this classic exercise, but with a band. To do this, step on the middle part of the rubber with the foot that is ahead, and hold the ends with both hands, placing them on the chest. Side Arm Raise Standing, put one leg forward and step on the middle part of the rubber. Grab both ends with each hand. The arms should be close to the body to raise them laterally. This has been our list of the best exercises with elastic bands . We hope you will be encouraged to practice them to increase your strength effectively and safely. If you want to know some of the types of bands or rubber bands, read our previous post Types of Rubber Bands