Running in the rain: how to dress and other tips

In this article we reveal how to dress for running in the rain and provide you with other important tips. A large part of runners find it difficult to go out to train outdoors when the weather conditions are not favorable. However, taking into account a series of recommendations, sessions in the rain can be really fun. Still don't believe it? How to dress to run in the rain Obviously, during these days we cannot go out with just any outfit. We must consciously select the garments that we are going to wear during our training:
  • Clothing must be technical and made of synthetic fabric . Forget cotton t-shirts, as they will absorb water and not dry out. At Beatfit we have a wide variety of sets, leggings and tops that are fully breathable and made to provide maximum comfort to the sporty woman.
  • The first thing that occurs to us when it rains is to put on a raincoat, however, this garment will only cause us to sweat excessively .
  • Keep in mind that during these days the temperatures are not so low, therefore, if the cold of our city allows us, we can run with a short-sleeved technical shirt and shorts. Don't be afraid of the water! It is preferable for our skin to get wet than for the garment to end up soaked.
  • The windbreak can also be an option. We will only use it in case it was very cold or windy. Remember that these garments are usually not very breathable.
  • If the rain is very heavy, wear a cap or visor to improve your visibility, especially if you wear glasses.
  • One of the most important aspects is to keep your feet protected. Use waterproof shoes . On the other hand, it is essential that they provide a good grip to avoid slipping falls.
  • The socks must be technical and anti-chafing . If you suffer from blisters frequently, apply some Vaseline to the area before going for a run.
  • The reflective elements will make you be seen by drivers, thus increasing your safety. In case your clothing is not reflective you can add bands or mini lights.
Other tips for running in the rain In addition to clothing, we must pay attention to other aspects: Speed ​​down During these days you should take a slower pace . Performing series or low-pace training can be dangerous. You can alternate the speed depending on the terrain you are going over. Don't neglect hydration In winter we are not aware that we run the risk of dehydration . Even if you do not feel the same need to drink, it is important that you do not neglect this aspect. Do a pre-warm up We recommend that you warm up in a covered area . You can execute some joint mobility movements and small runs to activate the pulsations. It is always better to go out with a previous warm-up, in this way, we will only have to maintain body heat. Don't forget to stretch In this case, we will do the stretching once we get home. In addition, previously we will have changed our clothes for another dry one. Conclusion Contrary to popular belief, running in the rain can be a very exciting experience. Listening to the sound of the water, observing the beauty of the landscapes, perceiving the smell of wet earth are sensations that become a motivating element during training. You just have to choose the right clothes and take into account certain factors to fully enjoy each stride in the rain.