5 Applications to go running

Running is not a bed of roses, and sometimes it is difficult to maintain the motivation and perseverance to perform this exercise several times a week. Completing our previous post The formula for not getting bored while running , today we have selected 5 of the most fun and interesting running applications available for both Android and iPhone. Ready, Set, Go!

The best apps for running


Strava is a very social app. It is proposed almost as a game that you can play with your friends. You can see the physical activity that they are doing and you can choose which of them to challenge. It allows you to compare your stats, set joint goals and join challenges. It also lets you share all this information on your social networks and is compatible with Apple Watch or Android Wear.

2.Map My Run

This application has achieved a large community of athletes: 40 million! Map My Run has a feature called “routes” that allows you to find nearby places to run. You can also save your own route and share it with your friends, even creating a large network of routes!

3. Zombies, Run!

It is one of the strangest and at the same time funniest applications to have a race with. Ready for your workouts to be the most terrifying in an apocalypse situation? In this app you are a survivor who fights to save his life and that of the whole world through different missions.

4. Coach to 5k

It is an application that through its workouts promises to prepare you for a 5k marathon. To do this, you have to commit to running two to three times a week and keep it up for nine weeks. Then you'll be ready to tackle a marathon.


Would you like to find a great community of runners? This application has 50 million users, neither more nor less. It is one of the most recommended applications, as it is focused on a social and motivational approach. You can connect with other users while they train or you do it, it also has a reward system.