Yoga for pregnant women: Benefits and contraindications

Yoga for pregnant women is an increasingly popular physical activity among women going through this vital stage. The most relevant benefit of this modality is that with it the breathing processes are improved , something that will be vital during the moment of childbirth. We show you in detail all the positive and negative aspects of practicing yoga during pregnancy .

Yoga classes for pregnant women, what are the advantages of prenatal yoga

Yoga in pregnancy is linked to other classes to prepare for childbirth. In this case, what is set in motion is a discipline based on a multifaceted approach, which stimulates stretching, mental concentration and localized breathing .

Benefits of yoga for pregnant women

With yoga classes, future mothers manage to improve their sleep, reduce episodes of stress and anxiety derived from their own vital state, increase the strength, flexibility and resistance of their muscles and reduce pain in very sensitive areas: the area lower back or core. In turn, with this discipline there is less nausea, headaches and breathing problems. practice yoga during pregnancy Some studies suggest that this activity is more recommended during pregnancy than walking or doing other prenatal exercises , and that it is an interesting solution for women suffering from depression. This effect, that of reducing depressive symptoms , is produced by the correct execution of postures and movements with meditation and deep relaxation. In turn, another very interesting benefit is the reinforcement of the immune system.

How to run a yoga class for pregnant women?

Prenatal yoga puts the focus on breathing, gentle stretching, postures, and cooling down or intercourse. Breathing is focused on inhaling and exhaling deeply and calmly through the nose . This helps control shortness of breath and manage contractions at the time of delivery. Gentle stretches include all areas of the body, but in a gentle way, covering the entire range of movement possible without forcing, without reaching excess . Along with stretching, poses are also important, which are designed to develop flexibility, balance, and strength. Finally, all pregnancy yoga classes end with relaxation exercises to return muscles to their natural state and restore heart rate and breathing at rest.

Contraindications of yoga for pregnant women

Yoga offers many positive aspects for pregnant women, but it can also present some other contraindication. In order to put it into practice, it is important to first talk to the doctor and follow his instructions . If you give authorization for its realization, there will be no problem in attending group classes. Another important issue is to communicate to the monitor in the event that they are individual sessions , so that he can adjust the exercises to that vital state. In classes with more pregnant classmates, this is already taken for granted. Once this information is known, the most serious problems appear during the first trimester of pregnancy , as this is when the most changes take place in the woman's body: at a hormonal level, a reduction in blood pressure and a greater risk of miscarriage. When that most vulnerable stage is over, there are no excessive risks associated with yoga, just greater control in the postures . The inverted ones, for example, are not recommended, because they prevent blood from circulating properly through the abdomen area. A third situation to take into account is a greater risk of falls , which leads to eliminating balanced postures, or at least those that are more compromised. If balance movements are exercised, it is best to do them leaning against the wall. Physical exercise during pregnancy is essential to prepare the body for childbirth, but it must be done in an adjusted manner at all times. It is common for women to feel more tired , so the postures should be maintained for a shorter time. Finally, we must rule out all those movements that increase tension in the abdomen . The spine must be straight at all times, with the chest high and without increasing abdominal pressure. Yoga for pregnant women is a highly recommended physical and relaxation activity, but it must be adapted to this vital stage, reinforcing the positive aspects and acting on contraindications.