yoga for pregnant women

This time we have been encouraged to write for the Beatfit club based on both our personal experience and scientific evidence. And it is that the two teachers of the TARA Psychology and Yoga center have gone through pregnancies where without a doubt, the practice of yoga for pregnant women has greatly facilitated the entire process .

In addition, Monika Kroll has a lot of experience in her classes adjusting the postures for students in the prenatal period , for which we are very convinced of the benefits of this ancient practice. On the other hand, I trust a lot in the part of meditation and breathing to find that balance that is "touched" by hormonal changes, both from my own experience and from my patients and yoga students. Next, we explain why:

Yoga is an ancient exercise practice that has contributed to the holistic well-being of individuals' lives in a more natural way. During pregnancy, when women experience mood swings, fatigue and discomfort such as cramps among other symptoms, the practice of traditional yoga adapted to pregnant women is recommended, including breathing, postures, meditation and relaxation. This facilitates the process with these new conditions, providing a period of relief during pregnancy and an easier delivery.

Benefits of yoga for pregnant women

For both the mother and the baby, according to the Mayo Clinic it can improve sleep, stress levels, lower back pain, nausea, headaches, etc. Regular practice, under the supervision of an expert , allows for greater well-being that also influences the baby .

Preparation for childbirth

The practice of yoga involves many breathing exercises that help the body to relax . This will be helpful during labor, as deep breathing relaxes the body, instinctively letting it know that you are ready to give birth. Starting early will help during labor, which can be a daunting task.


tones muscles

When you practice prenatal yoga, it helps you tone your muscles , especially those in your pelvic floor, hips, and core. Developing and maintaining muscle tone with specific postures reduces back and other pain during pregnancy, helps the body return to a toned condition after delivery.

Helps find balance

With an increased abdomen, the physical balance of the body becomes difficult to maintain. Also, emotionally the constant fluctuation in hormone levels makes it difficult to find a balance again. Yoga breathing techniques facilitate body stretching, belly growth and emotional balance .


Calms the nervous system

Deep breathing stimulates the parasympathetic system, allowing relaxation. When the body is in this mode, the digestive system works properly, the immune system is strengthened and there is an improvement in rest.

Improves blood circulation

During yoga, joints and muscles lengthen, circulating blood efficiently. This allows for a decrease in swelling and boosts the immune system, creating a healthy environment for the baby. It will also prevent discomfort associated with pregnancy and make walking and other activities easier to do.


Before starting to practice yoga, it is essential to consult with your doctor if it is recommended during your pregnancy. Also, do it under the supervision of a professional, thus avoiding possible injuries. If you have any discomfort, please let your yoga instructor know so they can modify the pose for you.

Examples of yoga poses during pregnancy


We hope you have enjoyed this reading about the benefits of yoga for pregnant women and any doubts on this subject have been clarified. Also, we encourage you to practice!

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