Superfoods: 5 foods to strengthen your immune system

It is time to keep the body energized and healthy, so we are going to recommend several key superfoods for the health of your immune system. These five foods are full of vitamins and nutrients that will help your body defend itself. Lets start by the beginning. What are superfoods? They are foods that have a high amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. They are excellent for health due to their high concentration of nutrients.

Foods to strengthen your immune system

foods to boost your immune system 1.Garlic It boosts your immune system and prepares it for cold and flu season. It is full of antioxidants that strengthen your body's natural defenses as well as having a positive effect on blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. 2. Blueberries Loaded with vitamin C and potassium, they are anti-inflammatory vitamin bombs that protect us against disease. Take them in smoothies or add them to yogurt, they are addictive! 3. Chia seeds Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, in addition to providing twice the amount of vegetable protein than any other seed. With them you can make pudding or add them to your favorite salad. 4. Goji berries They contain vitamin C, vitamin B, essential fatty acids, amino acids, minerals and trace elements. Mix them into your smoothie or add them to your muesli and give your immune system a boost! 5. Ginger Reduces inflammation and relieves pain. Use it in drinks, teas, soups and Asian dishes, it will add a spicy touch and an aromatic flavor. With these 5 superfoods we cannot protect ourselves from diseases, but what we can do is strengthen our immune system and keep it healthy. Remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle by practicing your favorite activity, be it yoga, fitness, pilates, crossfit, running or just walking. Don't forget to wear comfortable sportswear that will keep you cool and free to move.