Discover the best clothing for women's yoga.

yoga clothes women Would you like to know what clothes you need to do women's yoga ? If you are a beginner in this activity, you should pay attention to this aspect. Choosing the right clothes is essential to guarantee greater freedom of movement and to be able to fully enjoy our yoga session. Otherwise, you will not be 100% concentrated in the execution of each asana. Next, we propose a series of tips for you to discover which is the most appropriate clothing to practice yoga.

General recommendations

Generally, each garment you choose must meet 3 characteristics:
  • Elasticity. During the yoga postures you will test your flexibility, so the clothing you wear must be very elastic so that it accompanies you in each of your movements.
  • Comfort. Obviously, the clothes must make us feel comfortable in order to fully focus on the exercise.
  • Endurance. If you do not want to suffer a tear in the tights in the middle of the session, the ideal thing is that you pay attention to the degree of resistance . Always opt for quality garments.

What women's yoga clothes do you need?

These are the clothes you need to do yoga:

stretch pants

There are baggy pants, but tight versions will always be a better option . Thanks to this type of mesh, the teacher will be able to easily correct any error that occurs during the performance of the asanas. In addition, the wide and heavy versions cause a greater imbalance. yoga clothes for women High-waisted leggings are also recommended. Our variety of high-waisted leggings have an anatomical design that shapes the figure, antibacterial control fibers to prevent bad odour, are fully breathable and guarantee excellent freedom of movement. The fabric must be elastic but not too much so that they do not slip. This elasticity must be optimal to carry out any type of movement with total freedom. Beatfit leggings have between 13% and 20% depending on the model. In addition, the fabric must be breathable and quick-drying to keep your skin dry and clean at all times of practice.


The first thing you have to take into account when choosing a shirt is that it does not have sleeves , or that they are very wide so that it does not bother you when moving your arms. You must also perspire correctly to avoid sweat retention on the body.

Sports bra

In the case of women, having a good sports bra is essential during the development of any physical activity. The top must be breathable, elastic and quick-drying . Those who wear built-in earrings tend to be more uncomfortable. Have you tried our "Atlantic " fitness top ? This sports bra is perfect for yoga and even other high-impact activities. It offers great support, dries quickly and has removable cups. yoga clothes women

Stockings or socks

Normally, this activity is practiced barefoot. However, if it is very cold, we can use stockings or socks. Of course, they must have a non-slip floor to prevent you from slipping. These have been our recommendations on what clothes you need to do yoga. Before choosing a garment, try it on and check that you feel totally comfortable with it to enjoy your session. At Beatfit we have different specific collections for yoga . Made with ultra-soft fabrics, they adapt to your body like a second skin, accompanying you in every movement without hindering your practice.