Recommended clothing for training outdoors in winter

Low temperatures are not an excuse to stop training outside. Practicing sports in parks, mountains and forests offers us a large number of physical and psychological benefits . On the other hand, the arrival of winter also brings with it positive consequences regarding training. For example, we have a longer schedule, since we should not fear the heat. So that you do not put an end to your sportsmanship, pay attention to the information that we provide in this article on what is the recommended clothing for training outdoors in winter .

What clothes to choose to train in winter

First of all, you should think about what kind of sport you are going to practice. We will not dress in the same way to go for a walk as to do running or other intense activity. Even so, there are some winter clothes that should never be missing from your wardrobe:
  • Long tights. They warm the legs and keep our muscles warm . If you prefer the pirate versions, we recommend using a gel with a heating effect in the calf area.
  • Thermal shirt. These shirts help regulate body temperature , absorb sweat and evacuate it to the outside. They are perfect for any activity.
  • Technical socks. Socks must be sporty to prevent water from entering and to retain moisture. There are also thermal stockings that keep the leg muscles in optimal condition.
  • Waterproof shoes. In winter it rains frequently. If we cross a puddle and the water penetrates inside, the feet will get wet and cold.
  • Breathable bra. This garment is the first that is in contact with the skin. Therefore, we must look for a breathable bra that does not soak up sweat.
  • Its main function is to protect us from wind and rain .
  • Gloves, hat and scarf or neck warmer. Actually, we should only use them if we practice sports in very cold places.
Where can I get quality clothing for training in winter? At Beatfit we have the best garments to carry out any outdoor activity with low temperatures. Our leggings are fluffy and warm to keep the muscles warm. In addition, they have excellent breathability , so they do not provide any unpleasant sensation and with their use we will avoid catching a cold. On the other hand, sports tops are breathable and guarantee optimal support . Use the “temperature rule” Are you still not sure what clothes to wear to train outdoors? In that case, use the “temperature rule.” This rule consists of adding between 10 and 20 degrees more to the temperature outside. In this way, you will have an approximation of the degrees that your body will experience during the performance of the activity. Obviously, this formula is only an orientation. Your body temperature will depend on other factors such as weight, sports intensity, duration of the session, etc. Conclusion Selecting the right clothing will make it easier for us to practice sports at low temperatures. On the one hand, the athlete will feel less lazy when it comes to leaving home, and, on the other, they will be protected from suffering muscle injuries or catching a cold. Now that you know what the best clothes are for training outdoors in winter, face the cold and let nothing stop you!