Compression clothing: what it is and what are its benefits for sports.

Have you heard of compression clothing ? Do you know how to use these types of garments correctly? Below we reveal what they consist of and how you should use them. What are compression garments It was originally invented with the aim of improving blood circulation and muscle recovery . For this reason, many people use socks or stockings as a treatment for thrombosis. Over time, they have been adapted to the sports field and today we can find a wide variety of compression clothing for sports . In this case they are used to speed up and improve muscle recovery.

What kind of compression clothing can we find

Let's see what kind of compression garments we can find: Stockings or socks First of all, something that is not usually missing in the runners' closet are compression socks or stockings . It is a knee-high sock that relieves muscle pain, especially during resistance training. Compression stockings improve running economy, help eliminate blood lactate, and prevent muscle damage. compression leggings They provide support to the knees and quadriceps . There are short or long versions. compression shirts They contribute to improving the runner's posture by providing stability and firmness in the chest area. cuffs We will place them in our arms to help venous return . When should we use them One of the most frequent questions is when we should use these clothes and if it is advisable to use them in each training session. Actually, the ideal is to wear compression clothing only in cases of muscle overload or when we do some resistance training , for example, a race starting at 10 kilometers. In addition, they are very useful in mountain training. On the other hand, in the case of compression stockings, we can use them both during and after exercise as a way of muscle recovery. Is it worth the use of compression clothing? It may be difficult for you to wear these clothes at first and you may even find it somewhat annoying, so you will have to get used to it gradually. In general, investing in compression clothing is worth it, although everything will depend on each case. We recommend its use in long-distance runners and people who suffer overloads or heaviness . Of course, do not forget to visit your trusted physiotherapist when there is discomfort in the muscles.