4 special salads for athletes

With the arrival of summer and high temperatures there is a reduction in appetite. At this time of the year we prefer to eat fresh and light dishes that at the same time give us extra energy. On this occasion, we provide you with 4 special salad recipes for athletes. Undoubtedly, the salad is a very versatile dish that allows a multitude of combinations. Of course, in case you do not know how to choose the right ingredients, you can also end up creating a caloric bomb. Thanks to this type of lunch or dinner we eat several nutrients at the same time, so it turns out to be a fairly complete option. Next, we will reveal what aspects you should take into account when making your own salad and we will show you some ideas.

What should an athlete's salad contain?

If you play sports or do physical exercise regularly, opt for foods that provide the following nutrients:
  • proteins. You already know how important protein is in the muscle recovery process. In addition, they also reduce the feeling of fatigue.
  • carbs. They are the fuel for greater energy.
  • Fats. Despite its bad reputation, there are healthy fats such as avocado or olive oil.
  • Antioxidants. They neutralize the action of free radicals. On the other hand, antioxidants have anti-inflammatory power.

What should not be in an athlete's salad

There are certain foods that will spoil your plate making it an unhealthy option:
  • Very caloric sauces like mayonnaise.
  • Incorporate fried chicken strips instead of grilled.
  • The croutons characteristic of Caesar salads are not a good ingredient either.
  • Excess smoked like salmon and other healthy fats like avocado, nuts and olive oil. There is nothing wrong with incorporating these foods, but we should not abuse them either.
  • Season with salt. We recommend giving your salad a better flavor by incorporating various spices.

Special salad recipes for athletes

Next, we show you our 4 recipes. Take note of your favorite option!

Salad for those who need extra energy

In case you train in the afternoon, we recommend eating some carbohydrates during lunch. You don't need to stuff yourself with a single pasta dish. This salad combines other very healthy ingredients. What do you need?
  • Half a glass of pasta to cook.
  • A hard boiled egg
  • Three nuts.
  • Cherry tomatoes.
  • Fresh cheese.
  • A handful of raisins
When the pasta is cold, once it has been cooked, add it to a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients. Add a drizzle of olive oil and a little apple cider vinegar.

Salad for avocado fans

Undoubtedly, the avocado has become a star product. If you are one of those who are part of the fan club of this food, the salad that we present to you is perfect for you. Ingredients:
  • An avocado.
  • Lettuce, arugula and other green leaves.
  • Two units of grilled chicken breast.
At the base of lettuce, arugula and other green leaves, add the chopped avocado and the chicken breasts. Put a little turmeric on top and voila!

Salad for those who want to lose weight

If your goal is to lose a few kilos, we present you this low-calorie salad. Ingredients you need:
  • Two tomatoes.
  • A medium zucchini.
  • Lettuce base or other green leaves.
  • 150 grams of natural tuna.
  • A sprig of mint.
Wash the zucchini and cut it into very thin slices. Put the base of green leaves and the two chopped tomatoes in a bowl. Next, add the zucchini slices and the natural tuna. For the sauce, chop the mint in a small container and mix it with a little olive oil and pepper. Finally, pour the result of the sauce all over the salad.

Salad for those who love citrus

Do you like citrus? In that case, incorporate them into your salad. Ingredients:
  • A sliced ​​orange.
  • A sliced ​​grapefruit
  • Three slices of serrano ham.
  • Lettuce base and green leaves.
  • Pinions.
Put the lettuce base and green leaves and add the rest of the ingredients. If you want, you can add some pine nuts. Pour a little olive oil and a splash of Modena vinegar. You sure can't resist her. Now that you know what our 4 special salads for athletes are, do you dare to try any of them?