Natural probiotics: what are they and where can we get them?

Probiotics play an essential role in our body. It is true that previous years they were not so valued, but over time it has been shown that these microorganisms play a very important role in our health . Below, we will reveal what probiotics are, how we can obtain them naturally, as well as other relevant information on the subject.

What are probiotics and what are they for?

It is a series of foods that contain microorganisms whose purpose is to maintain the normal microbiota of the body , that is, to improve the "good" bacteria. The World Health Organization defines microorganisms as “live microorganisms that, when supplied in adequate amounts, promote health benefits in the body”. Although you can resort to taking supplements, it will always be more advisable to eat probiotic foods, since they will also provide us with another series of nutrients.

Differences between probiotics and prebiotics

On numerous occasions there is confusion between the terms probiotics and prebiotics . Therefore, we show you what the differences are. Probiotics:
  • They contain live microorganisms.
  • They are found in a number of foods that we will see later.
  • In this case, they are not living organisms, but a type of indigestible dietary fiber.
  • Stimulates the growth of colon bacteria.
  • We can find them in legumes, cereals, as well as other foods rich in fiber.
Benefits and advantages of probiotics These are the benefits and advantages that probiotic foods provide:
  • They improve the immune system.
  • They favor the detoxification of toxins in the body.
  • They maintain a balanced metabolism.
  • They prevent gastrointestinal problems.
  • They prevent the appearance of gases and inflammation.
best probiotic foods Finally, we provide you with a list of the best foods you can eat to get probiotics naturally. Don't forget to take note!
  • kefir. It is a drink that you can currently find in almost any supermarket. Its texture is similar to yogurt. It is a fermented milk originating in Russia and Turkey. If you haven't tried it yet, we encourage you to give it a try.
  • Dark chocolate. Are you passionate about chocolate? In that case, you'll be happy to know that it's a probiotic food. In addition, it contains flavonoids and antioxidants . Of course, always choose the black version and do not exceed the quantities.
  • Olives and pickles. With olives, gherkins and other pickles, you also ingest live yeasts and bacteria that arise as a result of the fermentation process.
  • They provide large amounts of nutrients and probiotics. You can take them in salads, soups and even smoothies .
  • It consists of a fermented white cabbage . You can use it as a garnish in some dishes. It is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E.
We hope our list of the best probiotic foods will help you. Remember that providing these microorganisms to our body through diet is essential to improve certain aspects related to intestinal problems and general health. And you, did you know about probiotics? Do you pay attention to your intake?