All about Pilates and its benefits

Pilates is a discipline that millions of people around the world practice and is characterized by seeking a balance between physical conditioning and mental health. It is a set of exercises that serves as a complement to physical exercise and rehabilitation. We show you more about this discipline by telling you what Pilates is and what its associated benefits are .

What is pilates?

More than a sports discipline, Pilates is a method that receives that name from its creator, Joseph Pilates , who devised it based on yoga and gymnastics. The idea in this set of movements and exercises is to develop the internal muscles to maintain body balance and strengthen the spine. Its practice is especially interesting in moments of rehabilitation, to treat back problems and correct bad postures . Pilates can be exercised with machines, on the floor, with and without accessories, although the most common are group classes led by a monitor. In turn, this discipline helps to improve flexibility and presents beneficial aspects at the mental level , although we will discuss the benefits of its practice later.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates improves and corrects body posture . It is a good technique to introduce healthy aspects of postural hygiene. The abdomen, chest and shoulders are the essential body nuclei where this discipline works, in addition to the back. The goal with postural hygiene is to avoid muscle pain and slow down age-related problems. On the other hand, regular Pilates exercise routines help to gain flexibility , since they are based on movement and stretching of the body. The dynamics of carrying out these movements also includes tuning in with the breath, so that the body is more relaxed. This discipline is one of the most recommended for people with joint problems who spend a lot of time sitting . Pilates is perfect for gaining movement and not losing stiffness. Likewise, it is an ideal complement to other sports activities such as running, swimming, group aerobic fitness classes or simply going for a walk on a regular basis. When they ask you what Pilates is , the answer is very clear, a discipline that combines concentration, control, fluidity, precision and breathing. With it you gain in physical well-being, but also in mental health. It serves as a complement to any other sports practice and helps delay aging and problems of stiffness in movements. Remember that, to carry out any sporting activity, be it Pilates, yoga, fitness... we must choose suitable garments, with technical fabrics. At Beatfit you can find versatile and functional women's fitness tights capable of adapting to any sporting activity thanks to the quality of their fabrics. benefits of pilates