Glute Bridge: How to do it correctly

The glute bridge is one of the most popular exercises to strengthen these muscles and the back of the legs. In turn, it helps strengthen the trunk muscles. The most interesting aspect of these movements is that they do not involve the use of any gym equipment , so it is an exercise that can be practiced comfortably at home.

What muscle groups do the glute bridge work?

Like all physical exercises, the gluteal bridge strengthens primary and secondary muscles. In this case, the primary ones are the biceps femoris, the semitendinosus muscle and the gluteus maximus . That is, the back of the legs and the buttocks are mainly worked. The secondary ones are the muscles of the trunk, the abdomen and the gastrocnemius muscles .

How to correctly execute the movements?

To do the gluteal bridge you have to lie on your back, with your back completely glued to the mat and your knees bent . The feet must be placed at the height of the hip and the twins, in a perpendicular position to the ground. The head must touch the ground or the mat and the arms are in contact with the ground , fully extended and with the palms of the hands facing down. From this position you have to lift your hips off the ground and leave your back, buttocks and thighs in a straight line . The lift reaches to the shoulder blades, which are slightly separated from the floor, keeping only the upper part of the back and the head on the floor. This elevation is forced with the thrust of the pelvis, with the muscles of the legs, not the arms , which are always in contact with the ground. The return movement, to the starting position, begins after spending a second or two above. But you do not have to go all the way down, since the objective of the exercise is to perform several repetitions . The buttocks must remain contracted at all times, like the abdominal muscles.

Can you do the gluteal bridge on one leg?

The most common dynamic to do the glute bridge is with two legs, but it can also be done using only one . To do this, some variant must be introduced in the execution. In the same starting position, with both feet flat on the ground, the toes are raised a little. One knee is grasped loosely with both hands to keep the hip flexed. one leg glute bridge From there, the hip is raised with the supporting leg, without arching the lower back . You have to wait a few seconds at the top, without becoming unstable, and then go down in a controlled manner to the starting position. The gluteal bridge is an essential exercise to strengthen the muscles of the legs, abdomen and back. Its practice is simple and very effective. We encourage you to meet him.