Why is purple the fashion color?

Did you know that purple is a trend this year ? It is! In all its varieties: purple, lilac, violet, mauve, lavender... Although perhaps its pastel version is the most successful. The curious thing about this trend is that it has not been defined by the world of fashion, that is, the experts and the catwalks had proposed a different color, but suddenly the social networks and what is called " fashion Street " began to impose this trend. tonality that has liked so much. Now it is official, everyone has agreed to crown it the color of the year and of summer. At Beatfit we have loved this trend. Why? Because in addition to being very feminine and representing a very romantic color, purple is also the color that most identifies with women. Hence, Women's Day has adopted this tone ;) In addition, it is one of the most present colors in our firm and of course, since we also adapt to trends, we have several garments in this color. We leave them below. Purple, violet, lilac or mauve sportswear:
  1. Wonder short leggings : these shorts combine a mixture of pink tones with purple. Undoubtedly a very feminine, trendy and cool garment to play sports in these summer days.
  2. Revolution cycling leggings : in addition to fitting perfectly and providing firmness, these leggings greatly favor the female silhouette without sacrificing the fashionable color.
  3. Violet high waist leggings : Made with high quality technical fabric. Waist with adjustment and control so that you can carry out your activity comfortably and safely. Without a doubt, they are the sports leggings that best match the color of the season and their name already says it all ;)
  4. Wonder High-Waisted Legging: A full-length version of the Wonder shorts, with the same feminine tones that dip vertically to give the impression of a slimmer figure. These leggings fall in love!
  5. Beatfit Vibes pirate leggings: Non-slip, breathable waistband with a Push Up effect. They shape your figure and provide you with maximum comfort in your movements. They incorporate Abdomen Control, you will feel super safe and with a perfect silhouette thanks to tights that mix purple with other very dynamic colors.
  6. Beatfit Cashmere pirate legging: these are the leggings that best fit the pastel color. They mix white with different shades of lilac and mauve that give it a summery, romantic and precious touch!
If you had to choose one, which one would you choose?