pilates during pregnancy

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the best moments of a woman, for me it was, when I I got pregnant I was already practicing the method and I kept practicing until the last week, and I Same thing happened to my pregnant students, it's amazing how good it feels on you. If you are pregnant and have never done Pilates I do not recommend that you start with any new discipline at this stage, if this is your case, look for an exclusive personal trainer to you, but if, on the contrary, you have done Pilates and now you are pregnant, my advice is that you continue practicing, yes, after spending the three months that are considered risky and always with the authorization from your gynecologist, to know that your pregnancy is proceeding normally. Once everything is ok! You can now benefit from the great benefits that it will bring you. I will tell you some of them: • You will see your back pain decrease, with the Pilates method you will strengthen the muscles internal abdominal wall, so you understand, you will strengthen the muscles that give stabilization to the back and pelvis, when these muscles are strong, it is less likely to have back pain, caused by muscle weakness. • You will gain balance, at this time it is normal to feel more clumsy, clumsy, Well, with Pilates, by also strengthening all the core muscles, these will They will help to maintain that stability, that balance, that due to the growth of your belly makes it lose. • You will strengthen your pelvic floor, the great unknown for many women and with a great mission, to support your internal organs, you will avoid lumbar discomfort and you will see improved your sexual relations, it has been shown that if your pelvic floor is toned, you will feel more desire to push in childbirth, with which a strong pelvic floor will be very beneficial for that long-awaited moment. • Relieves the load on your back and pelvis, many of the exercises you will perform lying down or in a four-legged position, with which you will see the baby's load decreased, even helping to position the baby, necessary for childbirth. • You will improve your breathing, with Pilates you learn to breathe properly, carrying oxygen to all your cells, and those of your baby. • Improves your state of mind, by feeling less clumsy, that you can do sports, and the blessed endorphins, those happiness hormones that make you feel happy! with you you will surely become a happier pregnant woman, with all the benefits that doing sports will bring you, in this case practicing Pilates . I hope I have cleared up any doubts, and encourage you to continue practicing this incredible method. and remember, #traintobehappy #beatfitlovers Olga. pilates during pregnancy