Keys to lose weight running

Do you know what are the keys to lose weight running? Without a doubt, running is a sport that is in fashion. The number of users who are encouraged to be part of this great community is increasing. Normally, the reasons why it has managed to attract so many followers is because it is a "cheap" activity and just by practicing it for half an hour we obtain great benefits. On the other hand, it is a sport that helps us get rid of those extra kilos and maintain our proper weight. But beware! To achieve this goal in a healthy and effective way, we must take into account some guidelines. Do you dare to discover them?

how to lose weight running

Next, we show you the types of training that you must carry out to achieve this purpose: Don't always run the same distance. Currently, we see many runners go out for a run every day for a certain distance at the same pace. In these cases a stagnation is generated. The body gets used to it and caloric expenditure is lower. Fartlek or intervals. Do interval training. Combine fast running for a few minutes, then recover at a slower pace. You can also base it on distance instead of time. If you are a beginner and these sessions are too difficult for you, recover by walking. Series: They are very feared as well as effective. Of course, to do them you must have some running experience. Hills: After finishing hill training, a Residual Thermal Effect of Training (EPOC) is produced that is higher than that generated when running on the flat. Do not abuse the slopes and avoid them if you are overweight, as it will negatively affect your knees. Short and cheerful shoots: These shoots do not exceed 45 minutes in length and are done by slightly lengthening the stride. Long, slow shoots: It consists of running for about an hour at a pace that allows you to hold a conversation without suffocating too much. Strength training. It is the eternal forgotten by most runners. However, it not only helps you lose weight, but it will prevent the appearance of numerous injuries. With two strength sessions a week you have more than enough. Rest periods. Overtraining will only take you one path: injury. Think that rest is also part of your training plan. They call it invisible training for a reason, don't you think? our conclusion These have been our keys to losing weight running. There is no doubt that running is a sport that will help you maintain your weight and be healthier. Remember that the ideal is to combine different types of sessions and, of course, eat a balanced diet and suitable breathable, elastic clothing that gives you mobility and quick drying that keeps you cool and dry, such as Beatfit fitness tights . Finally, we recommend that you go to a professional who will analyze your case and advise you in a personalized way.