The best sports to practice in autumn

Once we have overcome the allergies of spring and the high temperatures of summer, autumn becomes an ideal season to practice sports in the open air without reaching the cold of winter. But before deciding on a sport and taking action, we believe that it is necessary to take into account some advice:
  • Choose a sport with which you can have fun, so it will become a leisure activity and it will be more difficult to stop being constant.
  • If you like more than one sport you could alternate between one and the other during the week.
  • Draw a schedule in which you think you can practice sports and try not to skip it.
  • Set yourself first short goals with sessions that are not too physically demanding, over time and progressively you will increase the intensity of each workout.
What sports can we practice outdoors? 1. Hiking In autumn there are usually pleasant temperatures unless there is a drastic climate change. That is why venturing into nature hiking at this time is very comfortable and pleasant. 2. Outdoor yoga If you have already started yoga or are thinking about it, one of the best ways to carry out this practice is among nature. Doing yoga in broad daylight surrounded by natural elements such as water, vegetation... is a unique and enriching experience. 3.Skating If you have never put on skates, what are you waiting for? You can start rehearsing in any park or avenue for a walk. 4. Padel Cheer up with racket sports. Paddle tennis is a sport for all ages, eliminates stress and improves your coordination and reflexes. 5. Climbing We can start with a climbing wall or hire an adventure company to spend a unique day among the delights of nature. 6.Running It is one of the classics and a great sport to do, not only in winter, but at any time of the year. 7. Cycling The same can be applied to cycling as running, apart from being a sport that requires a lot of mental preparation for long distances and can be a lot of fun if you practice it with friends or in a team. And you? What sport do you plan to practice now that autumn is approaching? Share it with us!