Improve your Running thanks to Yoga

Improve your Running thanks to Yoga”

Those who have enough experience in running will have realized that physical training is not the most important thing, that is, limiting yourself to hard training and improving technique, strength and physical resistance will not ensure good results. And this is explained because, although the activity is physical, it is " the whole person " who carries it out. That is to say, when we are running , the brain sends the precise signals for the body to react and also, depending on our emotional state, we will have the necessary strength to make the movement or perhaps not. Therefore, during running there are three parts involved: (1) the mind , (2) the emotions and (3) the body . Considering this, why limit ourselves to training only the body, if the results are better when the total functioning of the person is in balance? And with "results" here we mean both external (time and speed achieved) and internal ( enjoyment of running). For this reason, it is recommended that runners complement physical training with a technique of mental and emotional work. The best of all this is that there is an ancient and scientifically studied practice, which allows you to work these three parts of the person and, in addition, the body does it in a very beneficial way for the type of training that is carried out during running : the Yoga . There is a misconception that Yoga is limited to stretching and increasing elasticity, and the pity of this is that the true essence of this practice is lost, mental calm and therefore emotional balance, which have very important effects. and significant about the moment of the races. In this summarized article we present 4 Yoga postures whose physical benefits are especially indicated for those who practice running: running yogarunning yoga beatfityoga for runners yoga for runners In order to cover the most valuable part of Yoga, it is important that both when preparing to reach the static posture, and during and when leaving it, you maintain a conscious, very slow and deep breath , being aware of the inhalation and exhalation , listening to your breath and feeling the air pass through the nostrils. Thus allowing your mind to calm down and your mood to balance. It is recommended to practice Yoga at least 2 times a week in a group and also to perform the postures alone for personal practice daily, always accompanied by conscious breathing to maximize the benefits. Did you know the benefits of these Yoga postures? Go ahead and include it in your training and share it with us! #BeatFitLovers @BeatFitsport Photos: Tara Psychology & Yoga Enjoy it! See you in the next article ❤️