What is mindfulness meditation? Tips to practice it

Mindfulness is a word that is currently in vogue, but nevertheless it is a concept that has existed and has always been practiced. Of course, some people practice mindfulness meditation more than others. Mindfulness is mindfulness, the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing, without being overly affected by what is happening around us.

Tips for practicing Mindfulness meditation:

The first thing is not to get obsessed with the concept or give up because suddenly we are immersed in the moment and some different thought comes. These are things that happen and the most important thing to do well is not to give up.
  1. Find a position that is comfortable for you: some people prefer to meditate sitting down, while others do it while walking or moving. If you wish you can lie down, but be careful! You run the risk of falling asleep ;)
  2. Don't do it just one day, or do it routinely. If you impose a schedule on yourself, this practice, which is intended to relax you, can generate anxiety. Take short breaks in your daily life to feel the moment . The here and now.
  3. Combine the practice of meditation with other activities, such as yoga or any other type of sport. By mistake we tend to think that only mind-body sports help us meditate or do mindfulness, but in all sports we can focus and enjoy the moment, all can lead to this practice if we set our mind to it. Even crossfit!
  4. Wear comfortable sportswear . This is essential to be able to savor the moment, you need clothes that fit, that are not constantly falling down or that you don't feel good in, as it can be distracting.
  5. Listen to music . Music helps improve sports performance and also helps calm anxiety and heart rate. Accompany your mindfulness moment with classical or soft music that flows with you.
These are our 5 tips to start practicing mindfulness, what do you say? Do you dare to practice them?