The best running tights for women

Running tights for women have become an essential garment for practicing sports . The comfort they provide is complemented by their aesthetic character and their ability to combine with the upper garment and the shoes, as there are countless models available. In turn, we must also point out as an added advantage the sensation of lightness , the freedom of movement that good tights offer. Today we will tell you how to choose running tights for women , what aspects are to be taken into account. We advance a note, the choice should not be based primarily on a good aesthetic combination , but on functionality and comfort .

Factors to consider when choosing running tights for women

The best running tights do not exist, at least the list is not universal, since subjective issues appear in the final decision, but the most objective, more rigorous aspects can be the support, the length of the garment, the material of the tights and the seams .

Tight-fitting, tight-fitting running tights

The tighter the garment is, without being annoying, the more it will favor movement in the race. This guarantees comfort and does not form wrinkles on the body . They are actually like a second skin that favors aerodynamics when executing strides. running tights for women

Running tights for women long or short

Here the decision attends to an objective decision, because depending on the season of the year, it will be bet to wear a long or short mesh , depending on the ambient temperature; but also subjective, because there are girls who always like to run in short tights. This is the case of those who wear short tights and complement them with leg warmers , like those used in cycling. The cuts of leggings and athletic tights are very varied. The short leggings for women cover only to the lower area of ​​the buttocks , there are also the intermediate shorts that reach above the knee, the capri type , with a length that does not reach the ankles, and the longest .

Materials and fabrics of women's running tights

The material or fabric with which the mesh is made, or several of them, must be above all breathable and quick-drying . An example is Dri-Fit , but there are similar proposals. It is important that the garment breathes, releases the sweat that is generated when running so as not to make the legs more humid, as this will negatively affect performance and can cause cooling. The most used fabrics are the popular Dri-Fit, due to its ability to evacuate sweat, and also cotton and polyester, due to the lightness and freshness of both. Another contribution of the fabric is that it protects against UV rays , so that heat does not accumulate in the body, especially when running outside. Lastly, consider only tights that control and support your muscles well, such as compression tights .

Seams, always flat

The seams are the areas of the tights where the fabrics meet. In addition to being reinforced, you should look for models with flat seams, which do not protrude from the garment and do not cause chafing . This design is the one followed by most sportswear. A chafing on the thighs, knees or near the ankles causes a lot of discomfort when running, since this activity requires continuous impacts and very repetitive movements . You already know which are the most decisive variables when choosing running tights for women . On our website you can find both compression leggings and shorts, both breathable, quick-drying, ultra-comfortable and with flat seams.