The benefits of Yoga have no limits

As many of you know, we have become true fans in love with Yoga and its philosophy. In today's post we want to introduce you to the culprit that prevents us from going to sleep without having saluted the sun at least 6 times. Woman in Lotus Position on Apple iOS 11.2 . To the person who has taught us that the benefits of Yoga have no limits 😉 Devi Pereyra Kroll is an accredited Clinical Psychologist, with a degree in Psychology from the University of La Laguna, Tenerife. In addition, he has a Master's Degree in Cognitive-Behavioral Clinical Psychology and another Master's Degree in Prevention and Treatment of Addictions. He is currently doing his PhD in the area of ​​addictions based on the practice of Yoga and Mindfulness. Devi, in addition to working as a psychologist in her own office where she cares for patients in Spanish, English and German, has advanced training in Yoga and Mindfulness (USA). She began to scientifically investigate this field from a psychological point of view, offering face-to-face workshops in Tenerife and Estonia. Made the professional presentation of our teacher, friend and client, (Devi practices Yoga only with sports leggings that provide comfort and freedom of movement) Finally, we have to add the affection we have for the great person that he is, and thank him for his collaboration providing us with the following article.


There is a widespread and erroneous belief that the practice of Yoga is limited to stretching to increase your body elasticity. This is partly true: with continuous practice your body develops more elasticity (among other things), but in addition to this, the effects of practicing Yoga in its entirety (controlled breathing, postures, meditation and relaxation) encompasses other parts of the body. human being allowing vital benefits unmatched to any other practice so far. Below we detail, from the point of view of a Yoga teacher and scientific research psychologist of this discipline.
  1. YOGA and BODY: benefits thanks to a continuous practice of postures
    1. Increases body flexibility, strengthens muscles and bones: prevents injuries
    2. Improves breathing: deeper, slower and more leisurely
    3. Increases awareness of bodily sensations
    4. Pains due to tensions and bad postures disappear
    5. Balances the hormonal system and releases endorphins (happiness hormone)
    6. It acts on the organs of the body, improving their functioning
    7. The slow movements of the postures and deep breathing balance the nervous system, the heart rate and relax the muscles.
    8. Helps reduce cortisol: improves the immune system and blood pressure
    9. Improves tolerance to discomfort
    10. improves balance
    11. Allows you to lose weight by working from the body, mind and emotions
  2. YOGA and MIND: benefits by maintaining a conscious breath during the postures and ending with Mindfulness meditation .
    1. Increases awareness of thoughts
    2. Allows calm and mental clarity
    3. Improves sleep by increasing serotonin levels
    4. Improves attention and concentration
    5. Improve learning ability and memory
    6. Increases the ability to be present and not on "autopilot"
  3. YOGA and EMOTIONS: benefits of practicing Yoga as a whole ( Pranayama, Asanas, Mindfulness, Savasana)
    1. Increases self-esteem and self-confidence
    2. Increases self-awareness and acceptance
    3. Improves interpersonal, couple and sexual relationships
    4. Reduces stress and improves mood significantly
    5. Increase compassion for yourself and others
    6. Improves the ability to be with oneself
    7. Improves tolerance to discomfort
And the best of all is that when 1., 2. and 3. happen, then you have achieved WELL-BEING with yourself and therefore with those around you, since everything depends on YOUR INSIDE when interpreting the exterior. Thank you very much precious! The benefits of yogathe benefits of yoga