The importance of taking care of your skin when you practice sport

Physical activity is enormously beneficial for our health, but it forces us to pay special attention to our skin. And it is that, environmental agents can be very harmful to our skin, if we do not take the proper precautions. We must know perfectly what external agents such as the sun, chlorinated pool water, wind... or the body itself such as sweating are the ones that can damage our skin every time we do our sporting activity. • Activities such as cycling, spinning, aerobics or running involve a large loss of water. It is extremely important to hydrate well before, during and after your usual routine, since in this way the skin will compensate for the lost moisture. • If we also carry out the above activities outdoors, we must never forget to use a sunscreen with UVA and UVB filters, in addition to wearing sportswear with sunscreen such as our leggings . In this way we will avoid the damage of ultraviolet radiation, and that our skin ages prematurely. In our care ritual throughout the sports year we include 2 body peels with which we eliminate all impurities, dead cells and toxins that accumulate in our skin. The girls at the Laura Esquivel Beauty Center know us and know perfectly well the importance of taking care of our skin when we practice sports. That is why we put ourselves in their hands and let them pamper us with the best treatments. They are all incredible but... without a doubt, the one we prefer and recommend is "DesintoxicaTé" 🎋 Peeling+Wrap+Massage... A real blast! 😍