Running is one of the most common and least complicated sports, since you can do it practically everywhere in the open air. It keeps us in shape and helps to release adrenaline! However, one of the big problems with this sport is that whoever practices it over time can start to get bored. Here we leave you an infallible formula to turn your running workouts into something more fun and enjoyable.

1. Change places

If you have a car or public transport at hand, we encourage you to explore other places to go for a run. If not, the same route from the gym can become your new route!

2. Different intensities

When running, you don't have to always maintain the same pace. Try changing different intensities. For example, start with a light workout and in the last few minutes do a final spring with a higher intensity. You can also alternate a few light minutes and a few intense minutes, until the end of the training time.

3. Become an explorer

Take advantage of the route that you usually take to detour through other areas that you had not visited before: such as a new neighborhood or another park.

4. Nature and running

Have you tried running on trails in nature? Running on trails requires high concentration, you come across obstacles, unevenness, curves, all kinds of irregularities on the road. It is highly recommended, because apart from enjoying the activity in the middle of nature, you increase your resistance.

5. Unevenness

In your detours from the routine, you can go to places where you know there may be ups and downs, thus alternating the level of resistance as well as improving it!

6. The track at full speed!

Try going to a speed training track. Here you can test yourself and feel more freedom than ever! After an intense warm-up you can use HITT or interval training. It consists of running at a very high intensity and then recovering at a light jog. Repeat this sequence 4 to 6 times.

7. Running in a group

Sometimes being in the company of your friends or a group makes running more enjoyable. Usually, if you're going at a good pace, you can afford to have a nice conversation.

8. Wear appropriate clothing

Sometimes not being well equipped can cause you discomfort that makes your running experience not the most pleasant. Try to wear quality fabrics that let your skin breathe. That they are comfortable and fit you, and especially sportswear with which you can feel 100% you.


Remember that every time you go for a run try to do something different and above all have fun. Because what better feeling than enjoying the moment and feeling good about yourself!