Importance of rest in sport: main advantages for the body

Although we broadly know the importance of rest in sports , the truth is that many users make serious mistakes and, as a consequence, end up injured.

Just as it is essential to train regularly and maintain a routine, it is also essential to respect recovery days ; in fact, these days should be part of our training plan.

Why is rest important in physical activity?

The main objective of rest in sport is not to reach the limit and exhaust the muscle groups involved in the activity .

An uncontrolled training plan can cause muscle, tendon and joint problems. Also, did you know that an incorrect rest also has a negative influence on a psychological level? Your mind needs a breather from time to time.

The importance of sleep in sport

During sleeping hours, any damage caused by physical activity is repaired . Therefore, sleeping well is essential for athletes. In addition, it will allow us to wake up full of energy to face a new day.

Normally, it is recommended to sleep approximately 8 hours . We must also pay attention to quality sleep . In this sense, a large number of factors intervene that can ruin our rest: a bad mattress, incorrect ventilation in the room, unhealthy habits before bedtime such as the use of screens, etc.

But don't be obsessed, many athletes fall into this mistake and perceive rest days as a waste of time.

These sessions must be conceived as part of the training, since if we skip them we run a greater risk of injuring ourselves and in the end we will not reach the proposed goals.

Advantages of rest in athletes

We summarize what are the main advantages of rest in athletes:

  1. We will perform optimally in the following training sessions.
  2. We will avoid the appearance of injuries and even diseases such as cardiovascular problems.
  3. It will improve our motivation .
  4. We will be stronger psychologically .

In case of injury, do not hesitate to rest

Of course, in case of injuries it is essential that we respect the rest period that a professional has indicated to us .

Those athletes who do not respect these guidelines end up undergoing surgery or even the injury becomes chronic, which will prevent them from carrying out their activity in a normal way for life without experiencing discomfort or pain.

Conclusion: rest to perform better

As you have seen, the importance of rest in sport is such that it offers a large number of advantages for the body .

We must ensure that our muscles recover correctly after training. In addition, it is also important to sleep at least 8 hours in a pleasant way to perform at your best.

If you have doubts about how many days a week you should rest, the ideal is to go to a coach who will help you develop a specific plan based on your activity and situation.