Tips to return to training after the holidays

During the holidays we usually stop training so intensely. On the other hand, we are also a little more permissive regarding food and we indulge in certain whims. Actually, we all need a period of rest and disconnection to return to the routine charged with energy. You've probably heard a thousand times from experts recommending that practicing sports after the holidays should be carried out progressively, right? This is advice that we should not ignore to avoid the appearance of injuries. In addition to taking the situation in stride, there are also other considerations to which we must pay attention. Here are some tips for getting back to training safely and effectively. Do you stay to discover them?

How to return to training after the holidays

Look for a new challenge Resuming the sporting habit after a vacation period not only influences a physical level, but also a mental one. It is necessary to look for that encouragement or motivation that will help you continue with your workouts. For athletes, September is the start of a new season. Sometimes, it is even perceived as if it were a new entry of the year. Give yourself a different challenge. To establish your objective you must be realistic, since if you choose goals that are too complex you will end up with a feeling of frustration. Discover new environments Doing sports outdoors has many advantages. Regardless of the discipline you practice, try to do some exercises outdoors. Go ahead and discover new places or take some mountain routes. Nature will serve as encouragement and inspiration. Keep a training diary Grab a notebook to write down the training sessions you are completing, upcoming competitions or events you will attend, achievements you are achieving, etc. Add a new activity This season try to try a new activity. For example, you can do a weekly session of yoga, pilates, swimming, cycling... Do not get frustrated When you start with the workouts, you will feel that you have lost some form. Do not be sad! We cannot be at the same level throughout the season. Vacations and moments of rest and disconnection are also important. Surely after a few weeks of training you begin to notice the results. Don't compete ahead of time Some athletes decide to participate in competitions with only a minimum of preparation. The result can be disastrous: vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, fainting, etc. Do not play with your health and do not compete until your coach assures you that you are ready for it. Other tips to resume sports practice
  • The warm-up is always important, but at this time we must not skip it under any circumstances. Perform mobility exercises for about 15 minutes.
  • Whenever you finish your workout, stretch each part of the body gently.
  • Carry out adaptation routines based on performing a series of exercises at a lower intensity than usual.
  • Get back to your healthy eating habits.
We hope you follow our advice on how to resume training after the holidays and that you meet each of your goals this season. Cheer up!