Training with a mask, yes or no? Advantages and disadvantages of doing sports with a mask.

Since the coronavirus appeared in our lives, many things have changed and among them is the use of the mask. We must wear a mask daily and for almost any activity we do, but is it good to play sports or train with a mask ? There are many studies that have been done and are still being done on the effects and consequences of training daily with a mask, the conclusions? As with everything, it has its positive side but also its negative side.

Advantages of training with a mask:

  • Guarantees greater security at the time of contagion
  • If a special mask is used, lung capacity can be improved
  • If you train in the city, you avoid breathing pollution
advantages of training with a mask Photo: Patricia de la Calle Disadvantages of training with a mask:
  • Choking sensation or discomfort when breathing, especially in high-intensity sports
  • The mask can get wet and create an even greater feeling of discomfort
  • With the movement it is almost impossible to adjust to the face that prevents the entry of air without going through the filter
As of today, the use of a mask is not mandatory if you train outdoors and the safety distance is maintained, however, in closed sports centers and gyms the use of a mask has been implemented as mandatory, especially if it is not There is a safety distance or screens that protect. This is why it depends a lot on the person, the sport that is performed, where it is performed and even the type of mask that its use may be better or worse. Likewise, in many cases it is the athlete's own choice to wear the mask or not. And you? Do you train with or without a mask? Cover photo: Elinutrition