HIIT workout to do on the beach

Would you like to train with views of the sea? In that case, this summer you cannot miss our HIIT training to do on the beach. Exercising in this wonderful environment brings great benefits on a physical and psychological level. The unstable surface of the sand and the humidity will put you to the test at all times. In addition, you will manage not to lose shape during the holidays while you enjoy the hours of sun and some baths. What is HIIT training? Before getting into the matter, do you know what HIIT training consists of? Its name comes from the English High Intensity Interval Training , and means "high intensity interval training". It turns out to be one of the most useful methods to burn fat. It consists of performing a certain number of exercises intensely for a short time. Recovery in this case is also not very long. Its benefits are the following:
  • Improves VO2max, so we gain resistance.
  • Increases metabolism in a resting state, that is, after exercise the body continues to burn calories.
  • It requires less time than other types of training. In addition, the sessions are usually more enjoyable and fun.
Aspects to consider During the practice of these exercises, keep in mind the following factors:
  1. Choose an area that does not have too much inclination.
  2. The race must be carried out in the direction of the sea. In this way, we will avoid overloading only one side of the body.
  3. Evade the ground well and remove some possible stones.
  4. Wear suitable shoes.

HIIT training routine to do on the beach

  • Warm up by jogging very lightly for 15 minutes.
  • Perform all exercises for 50 seconds. Then take an active break by walking for just 40 seconds.
  • You can repeat the circuit between 3 and 6 times.
  • If you are inexperienced with these exercises, it is best to practice them slowly first. This will prevent a large number of injuries from being generated.
Are you ready? Let's start! Squat Jumps Get into a squat position: legs shoulder-width apart and feet facing slightly out. Bend your knees and jump up looking for height. Be careful not to land with your knees in. skipping Run without moving from the site, bringing your knees higher and higher. basic push ups Get into a plank and try to keep your spine aligned and your buttocks active during the push-up. Soft race sprint Do a small sprint of about 50 meters starting from the soft sand and reaching the shore. burpees It is one of the most feared exercises. First, get into a frog position with your hands flat on the floor. Jump back, onto the balls of your feet, and perform a push-up. Immediately return to the frog position and jump up. How many burpees will you be able to perform? This has been our HIIT training proposal to do on the beach. We hope that you will be encouraged to try it this summer and that you will return from vacation stronger than ever.