Training with rubber bands or elastic bands

Elastic bands or elastic bands for their comfort and easy handling have become the top 1 accessory of the moment. Their low price and ease of transport make them ideal for toning our muscles not only in the gym but also at home or outdoors. There are different types of elastic bands. Depending on the type of exercise that we are going to do, we must choose one or the other to get the most out of our training with rubber bands. Below we present the two that we usually use the most.
  • Mini Bands : They are closed elastic rubber bands ideal for working the buttocks. We can perform squats, glute bridge or leg opening. You have several resistances so you can increase according to your level.
  • Open elastic bands : Without closing, they are the ones that are normally used in Pilates. With them we work the upper train. They are available without or with a handle at their ends to facilitate their holding and handling. For biceps or triceps training we recommend the handle ones.

2 easy training exercises with rubber bands or elastic bands

  • Biceps: With open elastic band with handle. Step on the rubber in the center holding the end by the handle. Flex the elbow feeling the resistance of the elastic band. Do 10 repetitions with each arm, 3 sessions.
  • Gluteus: With the mini band. Place them on both ankles and standing, stretch the leg back. You will notice how the gluteus contracts. Do 10 repetitions with each leg, 3 sessions.
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