The best triceps exercises for women

The musculature of men and women is different. They usually have 2/3 of their muscle mass , and in the case of the lower body, this ratio reaches ½. This is not the case with the muscles of the lower body, where women reach ¾ parts of the muscle mass of men. These differences explain why training and exercises have to be different, at least in intensity. Today we focus on triceps exercises for women , do you know which are the most recommended?

Triceps curl exercise for women

For this exercise you will only need support, which can be a chair, a bench or even a step at home . You can practice it at home with total comfort. The dynamic consists of sitting on the floor and placing the support on the back , which can be a bench or a chair. This support must be attached to a wall, to ensure stability . triceps exercises for women The movement begins by supporting the palms of the hands on the edge of the chair with the hands facing forward , the rest of the body. From that position, and with your legs bent and your back straight, you have to raise and lower your body with the work of your arms. You can practice series of 15 repetitions with a rest between each series . If you want to add difficulty, just place an object on your thighs: a dumbbell or a weighted plate.

Diamond push ups. Triceps exercises for women

This is another one of those triceps exercises for women at home in which you will not need any type of material. If anything, a mat or a soft surface to lean on the ground. Its execution is simple, although it implies some physical capacity. It is a variant of the traditional push-up. In a push-up position, with your feet and arms resting on the floor and keeping your back straight, you must place your arms just below your shoulders and your hands turned facing each other , forming a pyramid between the thumbs as the lower vertex. and the two hands as the other two vertices, with the indexes facing each other. strengthen the triceps women In this way, when doing the push-up, the effort falls on the triceps , which extend and contract in the movements of raising and lowering the body. If the movement is very physically demanding , you can slightly bend the knees and move only the trunk .

Dumbbell triceps extension exercise for women

For this exercise you will need a dumbbell that does not have a lot of weight. You can do it standing up or sitting on a bench . The movement consists of carrying the dumbbell over the head with the arms fully extended . From there, lower the spleens behind the head by flexing the elbow. It is important that the triceps area is completely straight during the movement, it does not move . The ideal thing in the exercise is that the weight is not very high, to do series with more repetitions. These triceps exercises for women are very comfortable to execute, they do not imply a very high effort and have the advantage of being able to add intensity with more weight and more repetitions. If you get used to practicing them, you will see in the medium term that they are very effective movements when it comes to reducing flaccidity.