Stretches and exercises to sleep better

Normally, we tend to conceive of exercise as an activity that serves to activate us. However, did you know that there is a series of stretches and exercises that help us sleep better ? It has been shown that certain twists and movements help to relax the nervous system and promote sleep. Next, we propose an exercise and stretching routine to do just before going to bed. exercises to sleep better Basic recommendations First of all, we recommend that before doing the proposed stretches you try to enter a state of calm and calm. Take a deep breath and create a pleasant atmosphere in your room. For example, you can light a candle or incense and put on some relaxing music like nature sounds. The clothes you wear must also be comfortable so that you can carry out the movements without problem. Once you have entered that state of calm, begin to perform the following postures that we propose. Routine of stretching and exercises to sleep better trunk twisting Thanks to this exercise you will be able to relax your spine . When we are under great stress and tension, we will perceive that the energy is unlocked through the back. To perform it, sit cross-legged on the bed. You should feel comfortable in that position. Keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Subsequently, turn the trunk to the right and rest the left hand on the right knee. Then switch sides. You must hold the position for a few seconds. side stretch This exercise positively favors the spine and the nervous system . Sit on the bed or on a rug. Cross your legs and grab the opposite elbow with each hand. Raise your arms up performing a trunk stretch. In this position, do several inhalations and exhalations. baby's posture This yoga posture provides a great feeling of calm and relaxation . Lie down on the bed, tuck your legs in and hold your knees to your chest. Take 5 deep breaths. exercises to improve sleep hip stretch We must not only stretch the trunk and back area. If you spend too much time sitting, your hips can be negatively affected. Stand up and take a stride with one leg. Bend the knee of the front leg and lower towards the ground while you stretch the other leg that is behind, supporting the instep. Keep your back straight at all times. neck stretch Finally, we will proceed to stretch the neck . This exercise is very simple and will help us eliminate muscle tension. To do it, you just have to sit in a comfortable position, tilt your head to the right side and grab it with your right hand to apply slight pressure. Then repeat the stretch to the other side. Perform this routine of exercises and stretches to sleep every day and you will surely enjoy a better rest. It will only take you a few minutes, which is undoubtedly worth the investment.