Sports exercises to work strength as a couple

Who said that you need to go to the gym to gain muscle mass or work strength? There's no need! At home, in the park or wherever you want, you can work on strength with your own body weight or if you want to energize it, you can meet up with a friend and do exercises as a couple ☺ We leave you here some exercises to do with whoever you want, that you will surely love!

exercises in pairs

  • The Booty Bridge: great for working the gluteus! Lie about a foot apart from you and your friend (not counting your legs). Raise your legs, joining the soles of your feet with those of your friend. Slowly raise your hips towards the sky at the same time and slowly lower to the beat.
  • Back squats: Press your friend's back into your back and synchronize to squat at the same time until your thighs form a 90-degree angle with your legs. Hold for 20 seconds, rest, and repeat. So squats are much more fun!
  • Push-ups in wheelbarrow mode: do you remember when you played with your friends in the wheelbarrow? Now you can turn it into a whole workout! Put yourself in wheelbarrow mode and ask your friend to hold your legs, now it's time to do a push-up and she will have to go down so as not to let go, let her do it with a squat! I work for both without losing my smile ;)
  • Clap High Plank: Intensify isometric planks with a friend, get both of you into a plank position and without lifting your hips or dipping your buttocks, raise one hand off the floor and high five your palms. Repeat with the other palm. Iron abdomen for both of you!
  • Flexing and High 5! If you liked the previous exercise, now try doing it with push-ups. Face up, do a push up and when you get up do a high five, a few reps and you've got a great workout!
There is no excuse to give up sports when you meet your friend ;) you can meet to train together and have a good time without giving up your physical condition. Remember to wear comfortable sportswear !