Exercises to avoid back pain during teleworking

The number of companies that add to teleworking is increasing. Undoubtedly, this model offers great advantages for both the employer and the employee, but there are also certain aspects that we must take into account. Teleworkers generally spend hours sitting in front of a computer, which is why most of them tend to suffer from back problems . In addition, it is important that they practice some physical activity at least 3 times a week, because they can become more sedentary and suffer the consequences that this entails. During this article we propose several stretches and exercises to avoid back pain and improve posture. Do not miss it! relieve back pain from teleworking

Exercises to improve back pain during teleworking

These are the 4 exercises that we recommend to improve back pain during teleworking. lats stretch To perform this stretch, stand upright and stretch your arms above your head. Bend your right arm and grab your elbow with your left hand. Hold the position for a few seconds and repeat the stretch with the other arm. back flexion This stretch provides great relief immediately . Stand up with your legs shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms up and interlock your fingers. Perform a slight flexion of the trunk backwards. It doesn't have to be too deep. Hold the position for a few seconds. The cat Get on all fours, contract the lower back and extend the head forward. Hold the position, then roll your lower back out until your back is arched. Do this movement for a minute slowly and deliberately. downward dog It is one of the most common yoga asanas that helps strengthen the shoulders and upper back. Start on all fours, rest your hands on the ground and the balls of your feet. Next, raise your body and keep your knees straight. Why does my back hurt when teleworking? The main cause of back pain while we are teleworking is due to the adoption of incorrect postures. Human beings are made to move, so spending 6 to 8 hours sitting in front of a screen can be counterproductive. How to avoid back pain while teleworking In addition to performing the exercises that we have proposed, there are other keys that will help you avoid pain in the back area while teleworking. Do you want to discover what they are? In that case, take note of each one of them!:
  • Make sure that the chair in which you spend hours sitting is comfortable and that it is at the correct height with respect to the table and the computer.
  • We recommend that you take a few short rest periods and take advantage of these moments to get up for even a few seconds. Walk around the room for a bit or do some stretching.
  • Sports practice is something that cannot be missing from your routine. Sport strengthens the back and prevents the appearance of pain. Core strengthening exercises will help you adopt a better posture.
  • When you notice that you are going through moments of tension, go to the physiotherapist to unload the area. Sometimes back pain is due to stress or poor rest and insomnia.
Conclusion If you carry out your professional activity from home, we recommend trying the exercises and stretches on the list above. Surely after performing them you notice a great relief. Do not forget that spending hours working in front of a computer brings negative consequences for health such as a sedentary lifestyle or the adoption of incorrect postures. Sport will be a great ally to avoid this situation. Of course, in case the discomfort becomes somewhat intense, go to a professional to give you the help you need.