abdominal exercises to do at home

On this occasion, we propose an abdominal exercise routine to do at home . Working this area of ​​the body offers a large number of benefits and advantages that go beyond the physical aspect. To notice the results and that no injury occurs, it is extremely important that we execute each movement correctly. Torso raises are the most common way to exercise the abdominals, however, there is a wide variety of very effective exercises. Discover them in our routine!

Benefits of working the abs

First of all, we show you what are the benefits you will get if you do a good job on your abs:
  • There is a reinforcement of the middle and lower back area .
  • Improves the lower back , so it will prevent the frequent discomfort that occurs in this part of the body from appearing.
  • The body posture will be more correct and wear on the spine is considerably reduced.
  • It helps to improve our balance and functional strength , that is, what we need to carry out the activities of our daily routine.
  • The stomach organs are protected and we will obtain better intestinal health .
  • In general, higher performance is produced. Something that is phenomenal to perform any sports discipline.

abdominal exercise routine to do at home

Now that you are aware of all the benefits and advantages that are obtained with the work of this part of the body, we show you our routine of abdominal exercises to do at home . Previous warnings:
  • The proposed exercises are very easy to execute. However, we must focus our attention on executing a correct movement to prevent future injuries from being triggered.
  • Repeat this routine 2-3 times a week.
  • If you notice any type of discomfort with the performance of any of the exercises, stop the training immediately.
  • Rest 10-15 seconds between each set.

basic plank

It is one of the most effective exercises to strengthen the abdomen . Lie on your stomach and keep your body weight supporting only your forearms and the balls of your feet. Pay attention that the gluteus does not rise upwards . Hold the position for 30 seconds, rest for about 10 seconds and start again until you have completed 3 repetitions. abs exercises

standing crunches

Did you know that you can work the abdomen standing up ? Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Next, place your right hand just behind the neck and tilt your throne to the right side. Later, he changes sides. If you want to increase the difficulty, hold a dumbbell with your free hand. Repeat this movement 12 times in 4 series.

butterfly crunches

Place your legs in a "butterfly" position. To do this, sit down and join the soles of both feet, bending the knees outwards. Next, lie down and stretch your arms above your head. Raise the torso by pulling the abdominal muscles and touch the feet with the hands. Do 15 repetitions in 3 series. abs at home

leg raise

This type of abs will allow you to increase the strength in the lower rectus abdominis. To do it, lie down with your legs and arms extended. The palms of the hands should be resting on the ground. Raise both legs at the same time until they are perpendicular to the ceiling. Repeat this up and down movement without bending your knees. Perform 4 sets of 12 repetitions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o2Fos2zMn8 With our abdominal exercise routine to do at home you will achieve an abdomen of steel. Of course, patience and perseverance will be your best allies for this purpose. Cheer up and train! 💪🏻