Exercise at home: One song workout

Sport and motivation go hand in hand, and sometimes more than ever, we need a little push that makes us leave the armchair to one side and dedicate a little of our time to have a healthy routine practicing some sport, or when we are so busy that in The least we think about is exercising. However, we have found the perfect way to motivate ourselves at home to do a few minutes of exercise that will keep us active and help us to continue the day with more energy when we do not have time for anything: ONE SONG WORKOUT

What does it consist of?

There is nothing shorter, or more enjoyable, than a good song. And that's what 'One Song Workout' consists of condensing a complete routine of varied exercises in the duration of one song. On the internet we find countless routines with this modality, with almost all the songs that come to mind. The exercises are adapted to each of the parts of the song, since the rhythms change, so that the exercise is not monotonous. Also, no one says that you have to do a single song, if you have more time you can combine more or repeat the same in a loop (there are very addictive songs).


It may not be the most complete way to exercise, but it is certainly the perfect way to integrate some movement into your daily routine, as well as being the perfect excuse to put on some music, concentrate on the exercises and clear your mind. maybe you end up dancing.

Our favourites:

You will find many if you search the internet for this term, but these have been some of the ones that we have liked the most. There is no longer an excuse to include exercise in your daily routine and gain energy!