What is doga? Discover yoga for dogs

Did you know that there is yoga with pet dogs? It is a new trend that was born in Jacksonville (United States) but that little by little is gaining popularity in different countries. It is called " Doga " as an acronym for "Dog Yoga. Today that we celebrate the day of the dog we have decided to dedicate this article to them. Doga is therefore the trend that combines yoga and dogs. It is an excellent way to exercise with your pet and we assure you, it can be a lot of fun! Yes, we are sure that it sounds very strange to you, but believe us, in other countries there are already classes and even books have been written. It is real! Although, of course, dogs cannot do most of the normal yoga postures, they do stretch constantly, surely you have noticed it. In fact, the basic asana of yoga, Adho Mukha Svanasana translates as face down yoga because it is inspired by a movement that dogs perform on a regular basis. It is very important if you dare and decide to try this practice with your dog that you do not force the animal , that is, see if it follows you. If he shies away or doesn't show interest, don't force him, sometimes he comes out and sometimes he doesn't. It is also essential that you keep in mind that when you do this practice you are not doing 100% training, but you are spending time with your pet, in a shared activity. We leave you a couple of links so you can see how it works with your own eyes ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qibocHtcR-Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzkKAWIbbD0 We leave you here some benefits that doga can have:
  • Bonds You More With Your Pet: Doga is a great way to bond more with your dog, especially when doing assisted poses where you work together, as partners. This can help your dog learn to trust you and strengthen your relationship.
  • Health benefits: Yoga is a good exercise for people, but it is also good for dogs. If your dog is out of shape or overweight, Doga can be a good way to get some exercise. You can help them build muscle and lose fat if you practice it regularly.
  • Relaxation. Relaxation and breathing exercises are key in Doga. They can do wonders for hyperactive dogs, helping to calm them down. Stretching and massage will calm them down mentally.
  • Promotes entertainment : Yoga can be a very fun activity on its own, imagine doing it with dogs! For most dog lovers it is very nice and although dogs can sometimes be a distraction when doing yoga, it is only because they are curious and we are not including them in the activity, which is exactly what Doga does for them.
  • Socialize: Doga is a great way to meet new people, hang out with other dog owners, and socialize. If you don't really like going to the parks because there are a lot of people. It will give you a good reason to get out of the house and make new friends.
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