Difference Between Jeggings and Leggings

Leggings and jeggings have become essential garments for any woman. These tight pants manage to stabilize the figure, are very feminine and light, as well as resistant and versatile. Do you know what is the main difference between legging and jeggings ?

How are the leggings?

Leggings are tight-fitting pants made of spandex, nylon, or cotton . They usually have a full extension, up to the ankles, although there are also some models that only reach the calves. They are so tight that it is usual to wear them with long and loose garments, in an oversize style. Leggings are also used as gym clothes . In addition, there is a well-known variety, which are the treggings , also tight but more sophisticated pants. Treggings are combined with a shirt and jacket, with heels, and with slightly more distinguished garments.

What are jeggings?

Jeggings are pants, also tight, but that are halfway between leggings and jeans . They are made from elastic materials, but their appearance is that of jeans. They are not used so much for sports practice or for being at home. Its characteristics are similar to those of leggings, especially in terms of lightness and comfort , and have greatly increased the outfit options for many girls. A priori, the most notable difference between the two garments is their appearance, but these distinctions go further.

Differences between leggings and jeggings

One aspect that distinguishes both types of pants is the type of material. The leggings have softer fabrics . For the former, nylon, pound, polyester or cotton are used. In the case of both garments, if they are for winter it is possible to find them made with acrylic and wool leggings. The colors are more varied in the leggings , since the jeggings must conform to the classic shades of jeans: blues, blacks and worn. One last element of distinction is the presence of pockets and zipper. Leggings don't have these accessories , but jeggings, which look like jeans, can come with fake or real pockets, belt loops, and even a zip or button closure. difference between jeggings and leggings Jeggings are used more on street occasions, with social gatherings, while leggings are more associated with sports. Both types of pants are very comfortable and feminine, they greatly stylize the figure and are easy to maintain, as they do not need to be ironed and are very light.