Debunking myths about... Pilates

In this article I want to dismantle some other myth related to a star discipline, such as Pilates . One that I hear very often is that…


We cannot say that Pilates is a soft discipline, but we can divide it depending on the intensity of the session: I like to divide them into:
  • Dynamic Pilates This type of Pilates is very intense, it is performed in gyms or Pilates studios focused on students with no type of injury, let's say it is a more fit Pilates, for people looking for intense classes.
  • Therapeutic Pilates, this type of Pilates is softer, focused on rehabilitation, for people with injuries who seek Pilates to improve their quality of life, adapting Pilates to the needs of each person, since each case is assessed and diagnosed. and exercises are adapted based on your needs.
  • Pilates for the elderly, being a soft Pilates, very focused on improving the mobility of the elderly, ultimately to have a better quality of life.
For this reason, it is not necessary to classify that Pilates is a soft discipline, Pilates will always adapt to the needs of the student


I'll start by saying that the creator of the Pilates method, Joseph Hubertus Pilates, was a man, did you know that? Little by little this myth is disappearing, and for a few years, more and more men come to my classes. The man is less elastic by nature, and generally performs more training with external loads, their muscles hypertrophy, with which they lose mobility, so men should introduce the method in their weekly training.


In an intense session of Pilates you can lose up to 500 calories With Pilates you will see how your muscles tone up, your core strengthens and your buttocks gain power! And of course you will lose weight! We have a belief especially in gyms, something I've seen for years, when I taught high intensity classes like spinning, the more the monitor made you sweat, the better one thinks it is, because of course, it's making you burn a lot of calories. When you sweat you are losing water, not calories, therefore you are dehydrated, that will make you immediately drink water, you will recover as soon as you drink. I hope with this article you get into that Pilates class once and for all. Pilates will bring you great benefits and if you are one of those looking for intense activities, I invite you to try this method. And remember, #traintobehappy. Olga.