Three easy and healthy breakfast recipes

That breakfast is the most important meal of the day is something we have internalized, practically burned into our minds. It must be healthy, since it breaks the fast carried out during sleeping hours and, if we choose the right nutrients, it fills us with energy for the rest of the morning. Of course, only if you avoid all the products that the food industry has designed as "breakfasts", such as cookies, white bread, pastries or sugary juices. Today we want to share with you three healthy breakfast recipes that are perfect for different circumstances. Here we go! We start with a simple breakfast, which you can prepare the night before, making it ideal for those who prefer to stay in bed a little longer: Combine layers of natural unsweetened yogurt with other sliced ​​seasonal fruit, and add oats or seeds to your taste. If you prepare it in a jar with a lid you can keep it overnight in the fridge and enjoy it very cold in the morning, even take it with you to work! Yogurt is one of your best allies at breakfast time, as it provides protein, essential amino acids, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. In addition, its probiotic bacteria are very beneficial for improving the immune system and digestion. If you like to savor the first meal of the day calmly and you cannot live without toast for breakfast, we suggest you accompany them with delicious and healthy ingredients. For example, two slices of whole wheat bread with ricotta cheese, a dash of pepper, and slices of fresh tomato. Add oregano or basil if you want to give it a more elaborate touch, accompany it with your favorite tea and a piece of fresh fruit, and enjoy your morning menu! And if you fancy a special breakfast for a weekend? Prepare a scrambled egg (two eggs per person will be enough) and add cherry tomato and spinach leaves. Accompany it with a piece of seasonal fruit, your favorite tea and an ounce of dark chocolate. Did you know that chocolate has many benefits for your health? It helps you keep your blood pressure under control and prevents blood sugar spikes. Of course, bet on quality chocolate by reviewing the list of ingredients: The first should be cocoa, since you must choose a tablet that contains at least 70% cocoa, while sugar should be at the end of the list. Start each day with a breakfast that makes you feel good physically and mentally, that provides your body with the nutrients it needs and that you can enjoy and savor calmly. As you can see, there are many possibilities and your breakfasts can be as varied as you want, as long as you choose healthy ingredients and include fruit or vegetables. Another trick: try that most of the breakfast should be chewed, since this improves digestion and gives a greater feeling of satiety. Set aside smoothies and natural juices and make room in your kitchen for seasonal ingredients, nuts and seeds.

What do you think of these three healthy breakfast recipes?