10 Instagram accounts you should follow to get fit during quarantine

We know! There are many accounts that are giving their all during the quarantine, but we at Beatfit already have our 10 favorite accounts and we leave them here:
  1. @gemelas_pin : motivating to the maximum, a smile at all times, but without ceasing to rock it! This is how Esther and Gemma Pineda are. Their followers do not stop tagging them in all their training sessions because they are dynamic, entertaining and are quarantine-proof.
  2. @luzia_fitsonrisa : entrepreneur, vegan and very sporty. This is Luzia and what we love about her Instagram is that it combines very useful exercises with the most delicious recipes. We love it!
  3. @judit.abarca: she is a teacher and it shows! She doesn't just post photos of the exercises, but rather explains the benefits of each of them very well. It's a great account if you don't want to play sports just to do it, that is, if you want to learn in addition to playing sports.
  4. @aliciaortuno: if what you like is slow life and yoga, without a doubt Alicia's account is perfect. It exudes sweetness and closeness. An account to always follow.
  5. @maribelgare : nutrition, diet and crossfit. An inspiring, strong profile that will motivate you to do sports every day. His stories never cease to amaze us.
  6. @susafly : Susana is an FCBarcelona athlete as well as an online coach. We believe that these are the perfect credentials to know that your account is of quality and… Perfect for getting in shape!
  7. @amaliapanea: journalist, writer, yoga teacher and 20,000 other things. Amalia is an all-rounder! We recommend that you follow her and above all that you practice her classes live with Women's Health Spain.
  8. @carlotatota17: athlete, triathlete, running club and pilates-cyclo trainer. A brave, cheerful and all-terrain woman, do you dare to follow her?
  9. @nisi_lopez: the perfect example of what we usually want to achieve with our training. With each photo it will motivate you more and more to want to achieve it.
  10. @gr_trainer: We love her and we're sure you will too! Mom and personal trainer. Because if you want, you can!
  11. @tarapsicologiayoga Its founder Devi Pereyra teaches us these days to keep body and mind in tune through relaxation and asanas.
  12. @lambdasalud A center specialized in physiotherapy and Pilates where its founder Katy Castro shows us postural exercises, hypopressive technique and even Pilates for pregnant women through her stories!
The truth is that there are many more accounts that we love, but these are undoubtedly our favorites. Remember, wear comfortable clothes that favor you to motivate you to the fullest ;)