Reasons why Crossfit is a good sport for women

"If I do crossfit my body will look like a man", "this sport is too intense and you need to have a lot of strength", "I don't want to grow very muscular biceps"... These phrases are some of the arguments that women give when they hear about Crossfit. There is a very popular trend where women tend to think that Crossfit is not for us, but today at Beatfit we are going to give you several reasons to stay calm because crossfit, my friends, is indeed made for us!
  • Work on strength and muscle tone:
It's no secret, in crossfit you work on strength and tone your body, but they don't transform your physique into a mass of muscle. This only happens if you make a complete plan with a diet that has that objective, but if you practice weekly and with the aim of staying in shape, gaining more strength and toning the body, CrossFit will help you to have a more toned figure and stylish, you will not look like a man at all.
  • The feeling of community that is generated
When crossfit is practiced, the exercise is quite intense and that is why greater support is sought in the group. Women who do crossfit end up creating a community or a friendship group beyond the practice where mutual support is generated that makes this practice more fun.
  • Improves aerobic capacity
Crossfit is a discipline that helps you improve your physical abilities, but above all your aerobic capacity. Not only does strength work and if you try it you will discover that it gives you more resistance and a greater capacity to perform other sports with much more efficiency.
  • You can take the opportunity to wear your most original sportswear
Many of our sportswear are designed for women who like crossfit and this sport invites you to add color to sports practice. By doing crossfit, women lose their fear of being judged and take the opportunity to have fun with their sportswear and wear the most original models with the most colorful and trendy prints, like our sports outfits.
  • Generates a desire to excel and improves self-confidence
Crossfit is a sport that demands more with each practice and therefore generates a wonderful feeling of self-improvement, of wanting to be better every day. This helps motivation, desire and of course self-confidence. Without a doubt, it is one of the practices that most improves self-confidence.

And you? Do you have any other reason to convince other girls that crossfit is really for women? ;)