Things to keep in mind to train your Glutes

Things to keep in mind to train your Glutes… Having beautiful and toned buttocks is the goal of many women. It is an area that worries us, and therefore we must take into account certain details, to help us meet objectives. The buttocks, as muscles that they are, need rest to grow and tone up, something important that you have to take into account. If you are one of those who train your buttocks every day or whenever you visit the gym, and you see that your buttocks always remain the same, perhaps you train it too much and you are surely stressing it and you can cause just the opposite, that it loses firmness! A good rest and a good diet is also important for your muscles to feed and grow. Nutrition is the key to any training, if you are the type that spends hours and hours training but does not take care of your diet, do not expect magical results! Did you know that the glutes are the largest muscle groups we have? With what my advice is that you work it by zones. It is important that you know that the gluteus is divided into: Gluteus Maximus is the most superficial. Gluteus Medius is the most powerful separator. Gluteus minimus is smaller, less powerful and is deeper. Photo: Olga Bru If your idea is to train at home, you cannot miss a pair of anklets that will give you a little more intensity, start with half a kilo and as you practice you increase the weight, my advice is that you first learn the technique well and then work with them, but it is a mistake to start working with a lot of weight if you do not learn the technique well. Something that I see very often is that many of the gluteus exercises require a good stabilization of the pelvis, if we cannot further increase our lumbar lordosis, and cause hyperlordosis, always keep your "core" activated when you do your training, so you will avoid that your lower back is overloaded and your back will remain healthy. So my advice is that whenever you work your glutes, do it with loads, either your own weight or with external loads. Surely you have some exercises that you love to do but it is also good that you introduce new ones, change the times, the loads. I hope I have resolved any questions and can help you have those scandalous buttocks! and remember, #beatfitlovers #traintobehappy Olga Bru