How to motivate yourself to play sports and feel better

Do you want to discover the best keys on how to motivate yourself to play sports ? If you want to join a healthier life, but sometimes you are lazy to comply with the training, you cannot miss this article!

Tips to motivate yourself to exercise

1. Create your own goals.

Having a goal will help you stick to your workouts on those days when you just want to stay on the couch.

Try to set real goals, adapted to your level. In addition, the ideal is that you think of small challenges that help you achieve that final goal.

2. Think about how you will feel after training.

There is no doubt that when we come home from a training session we feel better than ever. This is due to the release of the famous endorphins or happiness hormones.

When you don't feel like going out to train and you can't get the motivation to exercise, visualize the sensations you experience when you finish playing sports .

3. Make a training notebook.

Take a notebook that you have at home that you do not use. Write down how your training sessions have gone and all the achievements you have achieved. For example, you can write down what the intensity has been, how you have felt, etc.

In addition to increasing your motivation, keeping a training notebook will help you easily detect any cause of a problem or injury .

4. Reward yourself

Every time you achieve a new challenge, reward yourself. No one better than you knows the effort you have put into each training session until you reach your goal.

5. Train with music

If training alone bores you, put your headphones on and enjoy the music! Another trick when it comes to knowing how to motivate yourself to play sports is to listen to that song that you like so much and that fills you with energy just before going out to train.

6. Challenge other colleagues through Apps

Currently, there are many sports applications to which you can upload your workouts and interact with users. You can even create challenges with other colleagues!

7. Social networks can be good allies

Social networks can be good allies to increase our motivation as long as we use them correctly.

Entering your Instagram account and seeing other athletes who have completed their training is sure to encourage you to get motivated to exercise and do your session. In addition, you will be able to interact with other people who are also interested in physical activity and healthy habits .

Of course, never compare your results with those of your peers. Each person has different objectives and a different journey. If a person runs faster than you, let them inspire you, but don't get frustrated about it.

8. Use internal dialogues

Surely through the internet or in a book you have found a phrase that motivates you to the fullest. You may even have created it yourself. We recommend you read it or repeat it internally when you don't feel like going out to play sports.

9. Imagine

Did you know that one of the best mental training exercises is to start our imagination? In this way we experience positive sensations and emotions . Visualize yourself achieving your challenges and leading a healthier life.

Now that you know some tricks on how to motivate yourself to play sports and feel better , don't think twice and get going!