How to measure your body to know your Fitness evolution

Discover how to take body measurements in fitness . If your goal is to lose weight or get a more toned figure, you should weigh and measure yourself from time to time. Despite the fact that both actions seem very simple, the truth is that it is important to know certain keys to keep a correct control.

Don't trust the scale

If you step on the scale and the numbers go down, you may think you're reaching your goal, but in reality, you should ask yourself if you've lost fat or muscle .

The scale will provide you with data, but, as we have mentioned, the result may not reflect reality. For example, if you eat correctly and train regularly, it is likely that you will not lose too much weight because you have gained muscle. However, you will have eliminated body fat.

Measuring your body is the best solution to check if your type of diet and training sessions are giving results.

What to keep in mind when measuring yourself

These are the main aspects that you should take into account before measuring yourself :

  • The best time to do it is without having previously trained , since otherwise the muscles will find themselves with greater volume.
  • We recommend that you always choose the same time slot to measure yourself.
  • Never measure yourself after eating . It is best to do it on an empty stomach so that the stomach is not swollen from meals or fluid retention.
  • Do not take the measurements above the clothes , since the data will not be real.
  • Remember that the tape should not be tight on the skin . With this trick we will get fewer centimeters, but we will only be fooling ourselves.

How to take body measurements

To discover what your fitness evolution is, you will have to carry out the following actions:

target your weight

We have already mentioned that it is not one of the most reliable data, however, it will be necessary for you to weigh yourself and write down the result in a notebook. Do it once a week.

Measure the different areas of your body

Once you have weighed yourself, proceed to take measurements of certain areas of the body . With the data you obtain, you can check if you have gained muscle or body fat.

The following points will help you to get an idea on how to measure your body in the correct way:

  • Stand upright with your shoulders relaxed and your arms stretched out on either side of your torso.
  • Pass the tape measure just below the bust .
  • Do not put in or take out guts. Stay in a relaxed posture and measure near the belly button.
  • Pass the tape under the buttock .
  • Buttocks: Place the tape over the widest part of the buttocks or hips.
  • Biceps: Raise your arms parallel to the ground in a cross position. They should be on the same axis as the shoulders. Next, bend your forearms.
  • Keep your legs relaxed and measure the thickest part.


To obtain reliable data on the changes that our body is undergoing, we must weigh ourselves and measure ourselves correctly , since if we only trust the data from the scale we will not know if these changes refer to body fat or muscle gain.

We hope we have helped you to know how to measure your body and thus know your fitness evolution. Do not forget that you can also go to a professional to obtain a greater number of data .